The Vault

thevaultThis section and its contents exists for one reason and one reason only – to show proof of how much I have grown as a writer. These stories are ones that I honestly find embarrassing nowadays and I even hesitated showing them off.

However, if I am to prove myself a great writer one day, I want to be able to look back on those first few stories I wrote all those years ago and truly see just how much I have grown as a writer. I want to show others that even if you aren’t confident in your work now, if your work is on par with how awful the shit in here is, you can get better. If you really, truly want to, just like any art form, you can improve and one day be able to write something that you can be proud of.

It just takes time.

The Vault of Shame

My first ever account online was on the well known (and often scoffed) It was called blader-chick13 because I was 13 at the time and extremely obsessed with Beyblade. I did continue to use this account for several years but I was never very active on it after 2006. I posted stories but only as a cross posting system because I was on a separate account or I was busy rocking the Livejournal life.