Smile ☆ Supernatural

Character/Pairing: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Family
Prompt: Smile
Story Summary: Babies were interesting creatures and from day one, Sammy was the most fascinating thing Dean had ever seen.
Date Written: 19/08/2009


Uniform ☆ Supernatural

Character/Pairing: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Wincest
Prompt: Uniform
Story Summary: Dean had seen his brother in all kinds of clothes before, it was the job, but none got him hot and bothered like this one.
Date Written: 26/09/2009


White Noise ☆ Supernatural

Character/Pairing: Dean, Sam, Wincest
Prompt: 2AM
Story Summary: The hotels never had that. The inns were just painted over. The motels had water damage. Rolling his head to the side, he noted the beside table next to his side of the bed. No second bed on the other side; just neatly drawn curtains slid across a window. The house smelt of perfumes and candles. Who would have guessed he’d miss the smell of mildew? The bed was comfortable. No lumps, no springs. It didn’t even creak when he shifted.
Date Written: 16/05/2010