Soulmate Verse ☆ Original


This is a simple story about two boys who seem to have been born to meet each other. They meet in high school, they fall in love and find their own happily ever after. These are their tales.


Cihn (pronounced Sin) [x]

Age: 16 at the beginning of the story
Grade: 11 in the beginning
Height: 5’9
Hair: pale, blond
Style: messyish, not long, not short
Body type: small, not gangly
pretty hands, long fingers
Facial features: angular face, high cheekbones
generally bored-looking
Skintone: not quite tan
Eye: green
Clothing style: likes earthy tones and button up shirts
dark jeans usually
everything is fitted
Brief summary: Cihn was born into a not quite rich not quite middle class family, and since he was small his mom would fondly describe him as jaded. He had a solid upbringing that was always at odds with his prissy nature and curt mannerisms, always forgetting to be polite at the first signs of irritation. He never played sports and never learned how to work with others, trusting only himself for no reason other than his nature. He excelled naturally at a few things, academics and music, and to an extent, manipulating people. He never learned how to work and instead relied on fake charms to get what he wanted. When he became a teenager, however, those exact qualities drove him even further from most of his friends. He found the people he actually likes tend to be more sincere, less assuming, not after anything. He tries to be much better but he has a short temper and still feels entitled to things that are not his. He cannot provide for himself. His parents were not mean but they kind of made a little dick.

ZJ (Zachary Johnson) [x]

Age: 17 in the beginning
Grade: 12 in the beginning
Height: 6’7
Hair: black
Style: shaggy, skater length
Body type: lightly muscled
slightly stocky, long limbed
Facial features: masculine features
firm jaw, angled nose
Skintone: tanned
Eye: deep blue
Clothing style: casual clothing
t-shirts and jeans
plain, minimal design; any colour
Brief summary: Born quite poor, ZJ is no stranger to not being able to make ends meet or going without the finer things in life. Growing up, he didn’t have a television or many toys and kept himself entertained with the neighbourhood kids or the books and magazines at home. Due to his mother’s anthropophobia (fear of people), he had to grow up very quickly and even at a young age, he was the one running errands and getting groceries in order to take care of her. When he was old enough to work, he took up multiple part time jobs in order to help pay for bills. As such, his regard toward school became very minimal and he only wished to graduate from high school in order to get a better job. It was due to this that he became a hard working and sympathetic individual. The kind of guy you could ask for help on anything and he would assist – no questions asked. He is a workaholic with simple pleasures and feels most at peace when he is actually doing something. He doesn’t like to sit still. He’s also very much a gentle giant. Always with a quiet smile on a soft expression and is quite laid back. His low energy personality also slips into his speech and thus when he speaks, he often will clip words in his sentence just to make it shorter. He uses a lot of slang and shorthands.

Important Sidecharacters

ZJ’s Mom

  • ZJ’s mom and the single most important person in his life
  • She has crippling anthropophobia (fear of humans) and thus has become a permanent shut in
  • She always had mild anthropophobia but it became out of control when her husband was attacked and murdered on his way home from work while she was still pregnant with ZJ
  • As such, she becomes more or less obsessed with the love of her life and even as ZJ grows, she is constantly comparing him to his father as she believes he is “exactly like him”.

Lucas [x]

  • ZJ’s best friend that he meets after high school
  • Happy and often overbearing kinda guy
  • Says whatever comes to mind
  • Cihn absolutely hates him


  • ZJ’s neighbour when he lived with his Mom in high school
  • She was their landlord’s daughter and to help lower their rent, ZJ would often babysit and take care of her
  • She adores ZJ and is often possessive of him, wanting him to spend more time with him
  • She is in elementary school at the beginning of the story
  • She regards ZJ as an older brother and thus they keep in close contact even when they get older


  • Cihn’s female friend

Story List

Since this story doesn’t have a firm and set timeline, the following tags are meant as general approximations. Anything that happened in that period of their life will be tagged as such. I will try my best to keep them in chronological order.