Flynn Yi ☆ Profiles

Pronounced: FL-IN
Age: 22
Actual Age: 22; used to lie that he was older when he was underage
Birthday: December 15 (Sculpt Delivered: February 10, 2015)
Ethnicity/Species: Korean
Orientation: Heterosexual
Natural Hair: Black
Height: 6’2
Clothing Style: Cargo jeans, leather jackets, chains and pretty much whatever else he thinks is cool
Languages Spoken: English; can understand Korean when it is spoken to him but cannot speak, read or write it
Pet Peeve:
Western Zodiac: Sagittarius

Quick Summary: Flynn has some learning disorders (such as dyslexia and dyscalculia) and was always an extremely rowdy and emotional kid to the point that his parents couldn’t deal with him. They shipped him off to go live with his uncle, who was an old military type, the kind of old man that thinks kids should be neither seen nor heard and so he grew up in an extremely cold and strict household. Because of his learning disabilities, he always did shitty in school but his uncle never took that as an excuse and always told him to just stop being lazy and was fairly mentally abusive about the subject. So Flynn grew up to be a pretty angry kid. He tried going out for sports but he was never much of a team player and lost his temper a lot. As he got older, he fell into the wrong crowd, got into constant fights, wound up getting himself into drugs and spent more time skipping school to get black out drunk then ever actually attending it.

That is until one fateful night when he was 17 when that drinking went a little too far and Flynn got into a car accident that nearly claimed his life. It claimed the lives of both of his “friends” who were in the car. He survived because he was in the backseat. He wound up with some broken ribs, internal bruising, a bunch of stitches and a busted up arm and leg… but he survived.

When he woke, he was fairly disappointed. He hadn’t been a suicidal person but he also didn’t have much zest for life either. When he woke up, he was alone. No family by his bedside, no gifts or flowers to wish him good health.

He wasn’t surprised, though. His family had never been the warm fuzzy type.

Just when he was ready to resign himself to his fate, in came a familiar face…

Eos – and when he saw that Flynn was awake, he immediately burst into tears, sat at his bedside and wept without saying a word. That’s when Flynn came to really realise that family wasn’t something that blood dictated – that it was based on love.

After the accident, his uncle refused to let him back in the house, his parents officially disowned him and he went to live his graduating year with Eos and his mom (who had always been more of a parent to him growing up than any member of his family). With them, he recovered from his injuries, set himself on a better path and actually managed to graduate (even if it was by the skin of his teeth).

Every year, Eos and Flynn still celebrate the day that Flynn woke up in the hospital – the day he chose a life of sobriety and purpose.

Once Flynn was out of his toxic household and no longer tied down by the disaster that school was for him, he started to prosper. He made better friends, gained a multitude of hobbies, got back into dancing, found a good job and when he had enough money saved up, he moved to the same city that Eos lived in with Satoshi.

He’s still an emotional guy; he has a short temper, can go from happy to sad at the flip of a switch, cries during movies and wins most arguments with his fists more than his words. But he’s healthy – physically and mentally. He’s highly sociable (more comfortable in a crowd than alone), likes video games and clubbing, has a couple jobs to help keep him busy and is actively trying to get his dancing career off the ground.

His love life is a mess but he’s eternally optimistic about it. He’s a romantic and he wants more than anything to have a sort of fairytale romance. Like what Eos has! To find somebody and justknow that you’re meant to be together forever. He wants that – but when reality doesn’t match up to this grand fantasy that he has, it leads to friction and an inevitable break up. This then leads to Eos helping comfort him with ice cream and a marathon of video games. But Flynn always bounces back quickly and it’s on to the next chance – that maybe this girl will be the one.

Flynn had a childhood crush on Eos but that was like any childhood crush that comes and goes and he grew into his own sexuality very comfortably. He wants to eventually have a wife and a bunch of kids because despite his upbringing, he likes kids and he’s good with them. But he doesn’t want just one or two – he wants his own baseball team. He likes active, lively households and he thinks that eventually growing old in that sort of environment would be the best possible way to live out the rest of his days.

Likes and Dislikes


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Fun Facts

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