Halcyon Elixir

This page is dedicated to my hobby and the characters that are embodied by each sculpt. They are physical dolls called ball jointed dolls that are, essentially, the physical embodiment of my characters. These are their stories and I invite you to follow along their journey with me! ♡

Profiles and Tags


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Canonical Stories

The following stories are all set in the character’s canonical universes. This means that the main profiles given for each character are represented here and this is their real story. I will try my best to maintain some sort of timeline but more often then not, I tend to just write random stories that don’t have a proper linear order. The small moments – the day to day stuff.

Alternate Universe Stories

Sinking Destiny: Pirate AU

Pretty straight forward but what if the crew were actually a band of pirates? What would their origins be and how would they all mash together to be apart of one pirate crew?😀 These are their high sea adventures!

Galaxy Lyra: Space AU

In a world far, far away, the galaxy government Lyra is in charge of the inner workings of the entire galaxy. Some of the crew work for them, believing in their own lawful sense of justice. But where there is law, there is also chaos. These are the tales of what would happen if the crew grew up in a very different type of universe.