Haikyuu ☆ Cawfee AU


a classic coffee shop AU

“Listen up.” Daichi crossed his arms over his chest. There was no humour in his expression; his tone was firm with authority. “The cafe only has one waiter position available to fill so I can only keep one of you. By the end of today, we will decide based on your performance which of you will be staying.”

Hinata and Kageyama gave a firm nod in response; both looked a little nervous but it was Hinata who stuttered out an intimidated, “Y-Yes, sir!” Gahh, this guy was scary!!

“Kiyoko-san, here, is your supervisor.” Daichi looked to her and they exchanged a nod. While his authoritative gaze was temporarily off them, the boys scowled each other before quickly returning to attention when he looked back. “Any questions you have go through her.”

Kiyoko nodded, giving a small bow before she gestured to the cafe. “Well then, let’s get started.”

Character Profiles

Hinata Shouyo
Age: 19
Position: Waiter
Quick Summary: Hinata is a college kid, currently living in the on campus dorms. His folks had paid for him to go to university to study early childhood education but because of that, they were having trouble saving up for Natsu’s college fund. Hinata, being the great older brother that he is, decided that in order to help out, he would get himself a job and pay his own way through the rest of his schooling so they could focus on her instead! He came across Karasuno Cafe when a couple of his classmates dragged him along and, upon seeing a Help Wanted sign in the window, promptly applied for the job. One of the new waiters on the scene, he has a lot to learn but Hinata is quickly becoming a well known part of the cafe thanks to his energy and welcoming attitude.

Kageyama Tobio
Age: 19
Position: Waiter
Quick Summary: Kageyama dreams of one day playing on a professional volleyball team. He’s worked his whole life toward that goal and eventually landed himself a volleyball scholarship to university. He lives in the dorms there but has a single room to himself. It wasn’t a full ride scholarship, unfortunately, but it did pay a good chunk of each year that he was in school. His parents aren’t that well off and could only manage to pay the remainder for his first year. Kageyama didn’t want them to worry so he set out to find a job where he could help save up for school on his own. He read about the want ad for Karasuno Cafe online and applied immediately. He needed a job that could be flexible enough to work with his busy training and practice schedule. Still new to the job, Kageyama hits bumps every now and again attitude wise but he’s well known in the cafe for being one of the most efficient servers they have.

Yachi Hitoka
Age: 21
Position: Waitress
Quick Summary: Yachi was a girl who dreamed of following in her mother’s footsteps to become a graphic designer. She was in school, studying for her bachelor degree when she saw an ad in the paper of Karasuno Cafe looking for somebody to build them an official website. Wanting to test out her skills and see what she could really do, Yachi got into contact with them and eventually developed the Karasuno Cafe website. However, along the way, Yachi became absolutely star struck with the gorgeous waitress she saw every day that she went in and, when the website was complete, she applied to be kept on as a waitress in an attempt to get close to her. Now, her main job is to maintain the Karasuno Cafe website, making adjustments and changes as required but when she is not busy in the backroom doing so, she is helping out on the floor, working side by side with the waitress she admired so much.

Tsukishima Kei
Age: 23
Position: Dishwasher/Bus Boy (former waiter)
Quick Summary: Tsukishima is a guy who likes to be able to do everything himself. Growing up, he always had a part time job and he saved every penny in order to pay his way through university. He is currently studying pharmaceuticals, hoping to go into research. Having his own apartment, Tsukishima originally worked at Karasuno Cafe as a waiter in order to help pay his rent and bills. However, after what is dubbed the Tsukki Incident, he was demoted from waiter to dishwasher and has been there ever since. Now, it’s almost relaxing. Sugawara, whose in charge of the kitchen as the Head Chef, lets him wear his headphones while he works and Tsukishima is pretty much left to his own devices. He’s got a lot of self discipline so he doesn’t exactly need a supervisor, although Sugawara is there in case Tsukishima needs a bit of guidance.

Yamaguchi Tadashi
Age: 23
Position: Barista
Quick Summary: Studying to be a pharmacist, Yamaguchi is hoping to live a nice white picket fence life. He lives with his girlfriend (who he’s hoping to marry one day), goes to work every day and takes each day as it comes. He was hired around the same time that Tsukishima was and, upon learning they were both studying in the same field, quickly developed a friendship. Yamaguchi originally applied to Karasuno Cafe because he really admired the work that Asahi did and wanted nothing more than to be able to do the same. His girlfriend had always been particularly fond of the pictures she saw online and, through her, he came to work at the cafe. Now he works under Asahi, learning the tricks to being a great barista, and he is simply content to enjoy his casual lifestyle.

Tanaka Ryunosuke
Age: 28
Position: Repairman
Quick Summary: The Tanaka family had been close to the Ukais for many many years. During the renovation of the Karasuno Cafe, Ukai found out that one of the youngest Tanakas was going into trade school to become a repairman. Wanting to continue on with the notion of a fresh start for the cafe, Tanaka was offered a job as the Karasuno Cafe’s main repairman once he had graduated from college. Now, Tanaka takes care of all the cafe’s repairs, from plumbing problems to that damn coffee grinder acting up again. They’re his main clients but because repair is a family business for the Tanakas (like his older sister is a mechanic, for example), he helps out with odd jobs around the city when his family needs him to.

Nishinoya Yuu
Age: 29
Position: Chef’s Apprentice
Quick Summary: After successfully earning his degree in cooking, Nishinoya set out to find a place to work that suited his tastes. He tried several restaurants but none of them were quite the right fit. After some thinking (and some unintentionally helpful comments from his boyfriend Asahi), he decided to go back to school in order to pursue a career in pastries instead. Now in his final year, he came to work at Karasuno Cafe for practicum hours in order to complete his degree. For now, he studies under Sugawara’s watch but he hopes to someday be able to work alongside him as a full fledged pastry chef.

Ennoshita Chikara
Age: 31
Position: Deliveryman
Quick Summary: Ennoshita is a happy family man with a wife and three beautiful daughters. He works as a delivery man for a local supplier and Karasuno Cafe is one of the shops on his route – and by far his favourite. He brings them their coffee, ingredients and whatever other supplies they’ll need. He’s become quite close with the employees of the shop over the years, even applying some of his parental charms to some of the more unruly workers (say, a pair of brand new waiters) when things get out of hand. He works Monday to Friday but on weekends, he often comes in with his family. Sugawara spoils his daughters with sweet treats when they come in and Karasuno Cafe has quickly become the cafe of choice for him and his family.

Shimizu Kiyoko
Age: 27
Position: Head Waitress
Quick Summary: In her glory days, Kiyoko had a passion for tennis. She was good at it too, even earning herself a few medals along the way as proof. Unfortunately, her rigorous practice and playing landed her with severe knee problems and, much to her reluctance, had to give up the sport after surgery. Now she waitresses at the Karasuno Cafe but she needs to take frequent rests in order to relieve the strain. She had attempted to quit in her early years, thinking she may become a burden upon the cafe due to her condition but Daichi pursued her otherwise, recognizing not only her hardwork but the situation she was in. Grateful for the support of the cafe, she decided to stay on and thus became the head waitress. She has also become the cafe’s main trump card/buffer for any complaining customers as often any issues are reduced from loud yelling to nervous mumblings in her presence.

Sawamura Daichi
Age: 30
Position: Assistant Manager
Quick Summary: Originally, Daichi had gone to university for a degree in business in hopes of being able to make it in the corporate world. However, when the company he worked for went bankrupt, Daichi was left without a job or good reference. Not wanting Daichi to get discouraged, Sugawara convinced Takeda to hire him as a waiter. It was originally supposed to be a temporary position until he found new work but soon Daichi grew attached to the inner workings of Karasuno Cafe and was promptly promoted to assistant manager, where he now helps Takeda with all the day to day paperwork to help maintain the business.

Sugawara Koshi
Age: 30
Position: Head Chef
Quick Summary: After high school, Sugawara went to college to become a chef (and baker). However, he didn’t care much for the elitism some of the specialist fields offered and so kept his sights on humble origins. He always liked the idea of running his own cafe one day but thanks to a wonderful opportunity, he was hired at Karasuno Cafe when it was going through its renovation and given complete freedom over the menu. As such, the specials change daily and Sugawara now enjoys being able to create new, humble dishes to help compliment the art that Asahi makes.

Azumane Asahi
Age: 35
Position: Barista Supervisor
Quick Summary: Never having any real dreams for the future, Asahi simply got out of high school looking for work. He’s had a few jobs in his lifetime but he eventually would up at Karasuno Cafe. Asahi quickly became the cafe’s resident feature – or at least his latte art did. His art is well known in the city and people come from everywhere to be able to witness these small, temporary creations. He takes great pride in his work but he’s ever modest about it; whenever someone offers him a compliment, it’s not unheard of for him to simply reply, “It’s not that great..” However, thanks to his work, Karasuno Cafe’s reputation has greatly increased over the years. For now, he is content with where he is and what he does and doesn’t have any desire to leave.

Ukai Keishin
Age: 45
Position: Owner
Quick Summary: Ukai had always been a family man and he had been helping out at the Karasuno Cafe for as long as he could remember. It was a family business, back in the day, but the years took its toll and soon the business was left solely on the shoulder of his grandfather. Ukai was in his second year of university when his grandfather got sick and became unable to maintain the business at risk to his health. So, Ukai (with his highest priority being family), dropped out of university in order to take over the cafe. The first couple years were shaky since Ukai had never learned the full intricacies of running a business but soon he was able to get it off the ground again and Karasuno Cafe has been running smoothly ever since.

Takeda Ittetsu
Age: 43
Position: Manager/Book Keeper
Quick Summary: Karasuno Cafe had always been Takeda’s cafe of choice. He’d been going to the shop since he was in high school. He’d known the Ukai family as a regular for many years before the shop changed hands and nearly went bankrupt. By then, Takeda had long since finished university as an accountant and decided to offer his help to Ukai when he found out that there was a high risk of the cafe closing its doors forever. The Karasuno Cafe has become like a second home to him and he couldn’t stand the idea of watching it go under. So, sitting down with Ukai, they worked out how to build the cafe back up from scratch and thanks to Takeda’s persistence and reliability, Karasuno Cafe has been restored to it’s former glory. Ukai hired him on as the manager for the cafe and Takeda has been happily working there ever since.

Oikawa Tooru
Age: 26
Position: Unwanted Regular
Quick Summary: Oikawa was born and raised in a world of clever wording and money. He is the heir to a multi-million dollar company that is well known through out the city and owns a good portion of it. As such, he has a lot of spending money in his pocket but it’s hard to be that rich without leaving a trail of enemies along the way. Because of his charisma and smarts, he has quickly taken his place among CEOs that are twice his age. He seems to have a good eye for the proper investments and how to turn a profit even from a failing business. However, being so cut throat in the business world never blended well into his social life and so Oikawa has difficulty dealing with personal relationships in an appropriate manner. He’s of the mindset that everyone has a price and he just has to find it. However, he seems to have miscalculated because the scowling waiter at the Karasuno Cafe not only doesn’t want his money but also doesn’t seem to care that his last name can be found all over the city. Needless to say: challenge accepted.

Kuroo Tetsuro
Age: 30
Position: Local Pest Problem
Quick Summary: Kuroo is an enigma. Nobody knows where he lives or what he even does for a living. Everybody at the Karasuno Cafe has their own running theories but he is always careful to never let anything slip. However, he dresses nice, drives a nice car and always seems to have spending money so they can only assume he works; probably. Being close friends with Sugawara and Sawamura, Kuroo treats the cafe like an extension of his home. He’s the only person who isn’t an employee who frequently uses the back entrance. He shows up for a coffee and maybe a cake but mainly he comes to visit with his friends and pester the cute, apathetic dishwasher. At the end of the day, Kuroo has become a face well known in Karasuno Cafe and he doesn’t even work there.

Kozume Kenma
Age: 20
Position: Cafe Regular
Quick Summary: Kenma’s love for video games lead him into becoming a job he only ever heard about through the grape vine – a beta tester. Now he gets to play video games for a living, writing out reviews and checking for glitches but his love for the media didn’t stop there. Taking an interest in the technical side of things, Kenma decided to go to university in order to learn code – specifically for game design. In his spare time, Kenma likes to try his hand at coding little projects, simply for fun, and to continue to develop his craft. He shares them with close friends (and one particularly enthusiastic fellow gamer) and is content to spend his free time sitting at the corner table of the Karasuno Cafe, playing new games on his handheld and trying to sneak glances at one particularly bubbly new waiter.

Relationship Blurbs

Below is a list to give you a quick summary of each important relationship within the AU. Please keep in mind that this is an au (alternate universe) and so character dynamics and relationship will have been changed to suit the AU/their new backstories. Also, in this AU, same sex marriage is legal in Japan because reasons.


Ukai x TakedaRelationship Status: Married
→ Takeda had been going to the cafe for years and had come to know Ukai through that. They developed a friendship, as barista and regular and as the years wore on, things start to change. They were drawn more to each other but no words on the subject were ever exchanged. When the Karasuno Cafe nearly bankrupt, Takeda took it upon himself to help Ukai out the best that he could and through his hard work, Ukai came to fully understand how it was that he felt about him. Soon after, they started dating and eventually they were wed. Now they happily run the Karasuno Cafe together as husbands and are never shy about the nature of their relationship.

Sawamura x SugawaraRelationship Status: Engaged
→ Honestly, neither of them are able to specifically pinpoint the period of time in which they started dating. They had known each other throughout their school years and somewhere along the line, they simply fell into their romance. Hands were held, kisses were exchanged and soon enough, they had people asking if they were dating before they even knew the answer themselves. They’d never had the talk before because it had all felt completely natural. After university, they moved in together and a few years later became engaged. Now they linger in their critical years, contemplating marriage plans and kids and are simply trying to live out the rest of their years as happily as they can manage.

Asahi x NishinoyaRelationship Status: Dating (long term)
→ Not every great romance has a romantic beginning but that never stopped them. They met when Asahi was working at a bar and, when Nishinoya entered, he asked to see ID, stating that minors weren’t allowed in the bar. He was absolutely shocked when to find that not only was the kid legal but he was 25. Not one to sweat the small stuff snorts, Nishinoya brushed it off and went about his business with his friends who were meeting up at the bar as a part of a group date. However, by the end of the night, Nishinoya didn’t land himself anyone to go home with, waving goodbye to his friends, decided to take up residency at the bar. Since he looked a little discouraged, Asahi did what he thought was right and offered him a drink on the house and some consolidating words. What he didn’t expect was for Nishinoya to take those words to heart and he soon set his sights on Asahi. A one night stand later, Nishinoya promised Asahi he would call him the next day. Shrugging it off, Asahi knew better, knew that people don’t really call the next day and decided to put it out of his mind…. except Nishinoya did and, long story short, they had been dating ever since.

Kuroo x TsukishimaRelationship Status: Kitchen Pest

Hinata x KenmaRelationship Status: One Sided Crush [Kenma]
→ The Karasuno Cafe had always been a shop that Kenma passed on his way home from university. It was something he never paid much attention to but one day, with a craving for coffee, he gave it a shot. There, he met Hinata, an energetic and sometimes clumsy waiter who was unintentionally charming in his simplicity. The next time he came in, Hinata had remembered his name. The third time he came in, Hinata had remembered his coffee order. Needless to say, Karasuno Cafe quickly became Kenma’s primary study location.

Kiyoko x YachiRelationship Status: Admiration Turned Love Interest
→ When Yachi originally was hired on at the cafe to design the official Karasuno Cafe, she quickly became infatuated with the gorgeous head waitress she frequently saw there. Now taking on the roll of a fellow waitress, Yachi was content to simply be in the presence of such a beautiful woman. However, that admiration soon blossomed into love and now Yachi does what she can to have Kiyoko see her in such a light. They hang out outside of work, have spent the night at each other’s house and have even exchanged small gifts (eg. they have matching cellphone straps) but Yachi has never quite been able to build up the nerve to say those three little words to the woman she feels so strongly about.

Oikawa x KageyamaRelationship Status: Flirtacious Unwelcome Regular
→ Once upon a time, Oikawa went on a date with one of his many fans to the Karasuno Cafe. It was supposed to be a nice time. Get fawned over by a cute girl, maybe get some pleasurable company later on; you know, the usual. Unfortunately, love happens where you least expect it and when the waiter who served them that day appeared at their table, it was love at first sight. Kageyama has been trying to get rid of him ever since.

Yamaguchi x [girlfriend]Relationship Status: Happily Dating
→ Because we didn’t want Yamaguchi to be left out of being happy in a romance, we decided to give him an unnamed girlfriend. She is adorable, has low pigtails, smiles a ton, likes action figures and has truly awful fashion sense but Yamaguchi loves her and they’re cute as can be.


Sawamura, Kuroo & SugawaraRelationship Status: Known each other since high school
→ Having met in high school, these three have known each other for many years. Originally, Kuroo was Sawamura’s friend but after Sawamura started dating Sugawara, Kuroo just sort of migrated into their circle. Now they’re all as close as any childhood friends could be. Sawamura and Kuroo often go out drinking after work and sometimes Sugawara tags along but usually he’s their designated driver to make sure they both get home safely.

Oikawa & IwaizumiRelationship Status: Reluctant Childhood Friends
→ Oikawa and Iwaizumi both grew up in the business world. They are the heirs to their respective companies and so they have known each other ever since they were little. Their fathers decided to become business partners and so it eventually fell onto their shoulders to uphold that agreement. However, because of Oikawa’s personality and reputation, he has become a magnet for tabloids and playboy scandals. As such, Iwaizumi has been given the unofficial task of keeping Oikawa in line and focused; a task he is not entirely happy about.

Kenma & YachiRelationship Status: Gamer Nerds
→ Kenma never expected to find a fellow video game enthusiast when he started going to the Karasuno Cafe but friendship can happen anywhere. One day, Yachi was a little uncharacteristically sluggish and confessed to Kenma that she had pulled an all-nighter on her PC, clocking in her milestone of 200 hours on Skyrim. Surprised, Kenma replied that he had over 200 hours and thus, a friendship was born! Now Kenma and Yachi discuss all manner of video games, have discussed and exchanged coding tips and frequently have LAN parties together at the cafe. Yachi has also become Kenma’s number one supporter when it comes to his crush on Hinata and frequently tries to create situations where they can spend time together. Kenma has become rather thankful – both for her friendship and her support.