Darkside Zodiac ☆ Original


The following story follows the lives of a group of individuals nicknamed the Dark Zodiac. These are not good people. They are villains and thus they do villainous things. They are the shadow of the world and their actions will reflect that.

As such, this entire story will be riddled with triggering material and should be read with caution. Each story will have a warning at the beginning for the contained trigger material so that you may choose which stories you read.

Please remember that this is, indeed, a fictional story and that I do not support any of the actions or themes that take place in these stories.

Welcome. ☠ You have been warned, reader.

Character Profiles

  • General Character Development
  • AriesShikobathe ram
  • TaurusTomásthe bull
  • GeminiMatthieuthe twins
  • Cancer – Mia Arnett (Lynx) – the crab
  • Leo
  • VirgoAutumn – the virgin
  • LibraLiam – the scales
  • ScorpioCruz – the scorpion
  • SagittariusAce – the archer
  • Capricorn – Noir (Wolf Spider) – the goat
  • Aquarius
  • PiscesIke – the fish
Relationship (all)


These stories do not have a chronological order to them as they are simply stories that revolve around the day to day life of these villains. You can read these out of order with no consequence to the overall story.

Alternate Universe

The theme of this universe is what would have happened to these characters if the key point of why they became villains had never happened. What would have become of them had they been born in a different place or with different traits or never encountered their life changing events? Read to find out! ♡