multi: cross my heart

01 ☆ Cross My Heart

Character/Pairing: Papa!Kagami, Foster Kid!Kuroko; future M/M and M/F pairings
Story Summary: After rescuing 5 year old Kuroko from a fire that took the life of his only living relative, Kagami Taiga takes the responsibility of raising him upon himself and soon undergoes the troubled – and often hilarious – life of a single father.
Inspired by the featured header artwork of Maruniko

Chapter Summary: Glass shattered and glittered across the lawn as the house moaned under the abuse. Fire burned brightly through what was left of the windows and smoke poured out of every possible opening. If it hadn’t been for his equipment, Kagami was sure he could have felt the heat the moment he’d leaped out of the truck.
Date Started: October 20, 2013