About Author

aboutauthorHowdy there, adventurer! I guess you’re here to get a bit of background information, huh? Well, you’ve ventured to the right place! I’m not sure if you’ll find what you’re looking for but hopefully you’ll be entertained with my little journey.

Death By Vanity was originally started as a small dream years back where I wished I had a single place to gather all of my writing. Ever since I was tiny, I loved to write. I wrote on napkins, on post it notes, on the back of receipt paper and eventually upgraded to notebooks and finally the computer. Through years of indulging in my passion and bouncing around in different nerdy fandoms, I came to amass a great number of stories (and fanfiction).

However, true to the constantly changing tides of the internet, my stories grew with every new social media outlet. Soon enough, my stories were all scattered across the internet, some holding only one or two and others holding numerous dorky tales. They ranged from drabbles of only a hundred words or so to chapters stories that either found completion or lingered in the purgatory that is known as In Progress fanfiction.

So that brings us here: finally, an archive to house all of my writing. From stories back in the day when I was first starting out to the stuff I write currently. I want to feature it all – so I can truly show off how a little bit of passion, hard work and practice really can make you a better writer.

I’m still learning things, just like any artist. My grammar isn’t always so great, my punctuation could so with some work and I have bad habits that I am regularly trying to squash from my writing. However, what better way to progress with that, to grow and flourish, than to do so in a place where I can genuinely see my progress?

I hope that you will enjoy this time with me and my writing. This is my greatest love and one that I have lost over the years but I am hoping with a little bit of motivation, some discipline and a whole lot of patience, I will be able to find that inspiration once more ♡

Some fun facts about this weirdo author:

  • The name is Emrys! ♡ Nice to meet’cha!
  • I am Canadian
  • I’m a pansexual lady
  • I have two dogs; one is named Akito who is 11 years old and a puppy named Mochi who is now officially 1 year old
  • I wear glasses; one eye is far worse than the other
  • I have only one ear pierced and plan to keep it that way
  • My hair usually ranges from completely buzzed to ultra shaggy
  • I rearrange my room every three months to keep from getting bored
  • I am a huge history buff and love watching documentaries
  • I’m a sucker for colourful things
  • I’m a huge anime/manga nerd (currently super into sports anime hell; save me)
  • I have made and currently maintain three websites: ladyai.org and cuite.org
  • I collect BJDs (ball jointed dolls)
  • I love nature and can’t live without plants in my house

Want to contact me for whatever reason? Feel free to give me a shout!