Opinion ☆ Shokugeki

Character/Pairing: Yukihira Souma, Tadokoro Megumi, SouMegu
Prompt: “What kind of person do you think I would fall in love with?”
Date Written: 24/10/2016

“Mm. No.” Souma shakes his head, looking quizzically across the room. “Too stiff.”

“Eh?” She questioned, leaning forward in an attempt to look once more at the sharply dressed man who is busy pulling out his wallet. “Really? But he looks so professional!”

“That doesn’t mean anything.” Souma smirks softly, gesturing. “Look at him. He’s way too uptight for you.”

Megumi stares over at him a long moment before she turns back, letting out a long sigh of disappointment. “I suppose you’re right… I guess I don’t really have a type, after all.”

“That’s fine.” Souma grins, leaning back in his seat and grabbing his soda off the table. He takes a slow sip before a finger extends from the can and he points while pulling the can away. “What about him? With the headphones?”

However, when he looks back to Megumi, her gaze is down to her lap. Fiddling with her fingers, there is a rather obvious blush upon her cheeks and she looks a brand of nervous that he have long since known. “If you have something you want to say, you know I’m listening.”

She seems to stiffen at that before looking up. Her gaze flicks away once before she seems to gather herself and sits up a little straighter. “Souma-kun.” She starts, her voice firm despite her nervous appearance.

“Mmm?” Souma questions, head tilting slightly.

Megumi shifts in her seat, turning to face him properly. “Souma-kun, what kind of person do you think I would fall in love with?”

“Eh?” He questions, looking surprised. They share a gaze for a long moment before Souma’s eyes raise to the ceiling in thought. “Hmm. Somebody calm, I guess.”

“Calm?” She responds, curious.

“Yeah. Somebody who listens, ya know?” A wide grin spreads on his lips and he chuckles. Looking over at her, he beams. “I think you’d fall in love with somebody who lets you be yourself. I like you best when you’re showing off what you can do.”

Megumi’s face continues to gain colour as he speaks before she cannot seem to hold out much longer. Looking away, Megumi tilts her head to hide her own gaze. “You’re not far off the mark, Souma-kun…”

“Huh? What mark?” He asks, looking confused.

Megumi seems to struggle with this a moment, the conflict clear on her face before she takes in a long, slow breath…. and exhales in a huff. She smiles. Turning back to Souma, she grins. “Don’t worry, Souma-kun. One day, I’ll build up the courage to tell you myself!”

Souma blinks a couple time, clearly not understanding the depth to Megumi’s words and simply returns the smile after a long moment. “Uuuh, sure, I guess! I look forward to it.”

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