fanfiction · haikyuu: cawfee

Warm Me Up ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Sawamura Daichi, Sugawara Koshi
Pairing(s): DaiSuga
Prompt: “Baby, it’s cold outside. Slide over and keep me warm.”

“Daichi! Can you bring me my scarf?” Sugawara called, staring up at the second floor balcony and feeling the snowflakes melt upon his cheeks. He blew into his curled hands, his warm breath escaping from the cracks in his fingers. Leaning against the railing of the entrance stairs, he tugged at the edges of his toque and sniffed loudly.

There was a lingering silence in the street before he could hear the sound of the balcony door sliding open. “What?” Sawamura shouted, eventually popping his head out from over the railing.

“My scarf! The fluffy white one!” Sugawara gestured, stretching his arms out. “I think it’s by the dining table!”

“Okay. One second.” He turned back, the door sliding and once again Sugawara was left to linger by the entrance. Huffing quietly, he began bouncing on his heels as the cool fingers of winter began to dig into his sides. Maybe he needed to consider a warmer jacket this year. Winters seemed to be getting colder and colder…

A neighbour came up the stairs while he was lost in thought, her arms full of grocery bags and Sugawara promptly held the door open for her with a smile and quick greeting. It was as he was letting the door close behind her that he heard the balcony door sliding once more before Sawamura’s face peaked over the edge.

“It’s not there.”

“Did you check the closet?”

“And the bedroom. You sure it’s not in your car?”

“I was wearing it when I came home earlier!” Sugawara scrunched up his face. “Whatever, just grab any scarf! Hurry it up, Daichi!” He began hopping on his heels again. “It’s freezing and I need you to come warm me up!”

A soft laugh, Sawamura grinned with a roll of his eyes. “I told you you should wait for me.”

“Daiiiiiichiiiiiii!!” Sugawara replied. “Less talk, more walk!”

He only got another laugh in reply before the door shut once more and he disappeared. A couple minutes later, Sawamura emerged wearing only a jacket and gloves with a brown, plaid scarf in hand. Stretching it out, he began to fit the scarf around Sugawara’s neck with a smile. “It was your idea to come walking in the snow, you know.”

“It’s romantic!” Sugawara grinned, his nose already pink from the cold.

Leaning forward, Sawamura placed a light kiss upon it before reaching for his hand. Moving down the stairs, Sugawara reached up to curl his free hand around Sawamura’s arm before pulling in close.

“How are you only wearing gloves?” He questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Shrugging his other shoulder, Sawamura replied, “It’s the only part that really gets cold.”

“Your body is clearly confused.” Sugawara sighs. “It’s not fair. Must be all this muscle.” He flexed his fingers into his bicep.

Glancing down at it, Sawamura chuckled. “Please, like I’m the only one who has muscle. You used to be scrawny before you began baking as a career.”

“You try carrying bags of flour and kneading dough for hours every day!”

“Guess muscle isn’t the culprit then… though I’m not complaining.”

“Yeah?” Sugawara grins cheekily. “Do you like the muscle?”

He nodded. “It’s a sign of good health. It takes nutrients and activity to maintain any form of muscle mass.”

“A simple yes would have sufficed.” Sugawara teased. “You know, almost 15 years later and you’re still terrible at flirting.”

Glancing to the side, a quiet smile slid onto Sawamura’s lips. “And yet you’re still agreeing to marry me one day?”

“Yes,” He grinned, leaning up to claim his lips in a soft kiss. “Yes, I am.”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always encouraged! You are welcome to leave a review below; no account required. I am eager to hear from each and every one of you!

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