fanfiction · haikyuu: cawfee

Beginning ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Azumane Asahi, Sugawara Koshi, Sawamura Daichi
Pairing(s): DaiSuga; discussed AsaNoya
Prompt: none

“I gotta say, I’m a little surprised.” Sugawara hummed against the rim of his wine glass.

Asahi blinked, cracking open his beer can before sitting forward. “About what?”

“You and Nishinoya-san.” He replied, tilting his gaze up to the ceiling as he tried to find the right words. “With how open he is about his sexuality, I sort of thought… I don’t know, you’d be jealous about it.” A pause. “Mmm, no, you’re not really the jealous type. More like… insecure.”

Staring at him when Sugawara finally looks over, he debates how to answer for a moment… before a quiet smile crosses his features. “You want my honest answer?”

“Please.” Sugawara replies, sitting up a little straighter to show his attention was on him.

Asahi cradles the beer can between his fingers before he takes a sip for good luck. “I used to be.”

“Jealous?” Sugawara asks.

“Insecure.” Asahi corrects. “I used to worry about it a lot when we first started going out. It was the little things, you know? Like he’d be reading a magazine and gush about a particular model or we’d be shopping and he’d always go ask the prettiest saleswoman he could find for help.” His thumb traced the edge of the can, following a line of condensation. “I thought maybe I was just some sort of placeholder until he found the real thing. In the beginning, I thought he was so amazing and confident and, you know, bright. It was hard to picture somebody so perfect would feel satisfied with me.”

“Honestly, Asahi-san, you’re always so hard on yourself.” He sighs loudly, clearly disapproving of his self doubt. “So?” Sugawara asks, taking a sip of his wine and looking curious. “What changed?”

Asahi glanced between his can and Sugawara before he shrugs a shoulder. The quiet smile remains on his lips. “I spoke up.”

“You told him how you felt?” Sugawara tilts his head.

“Not directly. It was sort of offhanded. I guess I was just at the end of my rope that day. I don’t even remember exactly what I said; something about how I bet Yuu would love to marry somebody like that one day.”

“…Wow. You’re cruel, Asahi-san.”

Startling, Asahi waves a hand in his defense. “No! I didn’t-!”

“What did he say? Did he get mad?” Sugawara interrupts, pressing the matter. “I would have. If Daichi ever said something like that to me, I’d probably break his nose.”

Asahi chuckles nervously, suddenly second guessing telling this story at all but he knew there was no way Sugawara would simply drop it. Besides, he didn’t want him having a bad impression of him or of Yuu!


Asahi cleared his throat. “He, uh, he didn’t get mad.”

Seriously?” Sugawara stresses, looking shocked.

Asahi nods slowly. “Yeah. I thought he would. The moment I said it, I regretted it and I thought he would call me out on it. He’s good at that; he usually doesn’t let stuff like that slide so easily. He’s always keeping me on my toes.”

Asahi-san, you’re stalling.” Sugawara replies, looking amused.

Asahi catches that smile and mirrors an apologetic one of his own. “Ah, sorry. He, uh, like I said, he didn’t get mad. He didn’t really react at all, actually. He just looked… confused.”


“Yeah. He looked up at me like he didn’t have a single clue what I was talking about. At first, I thought maybe he hadn’t heard me at all but then he replied with, ’Why would I need anyone else when I want to be with you?’”

Sugawara’s smile grows fond, leaning his head against his open palm. “That sounds like Nishinoya-san alright. Straight forward, as always.”

Asahi’s own smile grows, nodding. “I don’t know what it was about it but the moment he said that, looking the way he did…. all those doubts just burned up. It was like he was telling me, without saying so, that he just wanted to be with me; that look on his face was like proof that he had seriously never before considered leaving me for someone else.”

“And you two have been together ever since.” Sugawara summarises with a wide grin. “Right?”

“Almost four years now.” Asahi stares down at his beer can. “Hard to believe sometimes.”

“It goes by without much notice. You sort of fall into a comfortable pattern, right?”

“Actually, yeah. That’s exactly it.”

Sugawara chuckles. “Same thing happened with Daichi and I. One minute, we were just classmates and somehow we wound up here.” He hums, glancing down at the engagement ring that sat upon his left hand.

“I don’t think I’ve ever heard about how you two got together.” Asahi smiles.

“That’s because there isn’t much to tell. We didn’t have a big confession of love or silly misunderstandings or lingering doubts. There was just…. us.” Sugawara sips at his wine. “To tell you the truth, we don’t even know when it was that we started going out. We started long before it had been discussed.”

“What do you mean?” Asahi questions, it being his turn to look confused.

Sugawara waves a hand absently in the air. “You know, like holding hands when we walked home from school or kissing when no one was around or even sleeping in the same bed when we stayed the night at each other’s house. We never questioned it; it was… just a natural progression. That went on for weeks before one day, one of– sorry, it was Kuroo, actually.”

“Kuroo-san?” Asahi blinks a moment before he nods slowly. “Ohh, that’s right. You’ve known each other since high school, right?”

“Yeah. He went to a different school but he and Daichi had been good friends for quite some time.” Sugawara waves a hand again. “Anyway, he pointed it out one day when we were hanging out. He was talking about some group date he went on that was a bust and he was complaining about never finding his special someone. We tried to encourage him – well, I did, anyway. Daichi told him he wouldn’t find his special anybody by joining group dates for free meals. Kuroo sort of… waved us off, though, saying we wouldn’t understand because we already had each other.” He shrugs a shoulder but there is a look of peace about his gaze. “And that was it. I remember looking over at Daichi and everything sort of… fell into place. He was my soulmate; there was nothing else to it.”

“Wow.” Asahi smiles. “I can’t imagine being that confident in something like that. When I first gave Yuu my phone number, I agonised over whether or not he would even call.”

“What’s it matter? You’re together now and that’s all there is to it.” Sugawara chuckles.

Asahi laughs softly, scratching at his chin absently. “That’s Yuu’s doing, not mine.”

Sighing loudly, Sugawara extends his leg under the table and lightly kicks at Asahi’s shin. The taller man flinches. “Stop that. You don’t make it to nearly four years with one person doing all the work. You meet each other halfway and that’s how you make it last.”

“Right, sorry sorry…” Asahi chuckles nervously.

His apologies melt into a new voice as Daichi enters back into the room, issuing his own apologises. “Sorry, I had to take that. Once my mom starts talking, there is no end to it.” He moves over to the vacant seat beside Sugawara and takes up the wine glass still waiting there for him.

“Did she ever find that blouse of hers? The one with the pink stripes?” Sugawara asks as he situates himself.

“It was stuck in the bushes of the neighbor’s yard.” Daichi replies without a pause. “Apparently, it must have blown off the clothing line when she was doing laundry.”

“Ohh, that’s weird.” Sugawara hums. “Glad she was able to find it. I told her it would turn up but she wouldn’t stop worrying about it.”

“She says thank you for the cookies you sent her, by the way. Apparently Dad ate them all the first day so she said you should send two next time.” Daichi chuckles, looking over at him.

Sugawara brightens. “Oh, they did get them? Good! I was worried they got lost in the mail!”

Daichi smiles, reaching over with a free hand and lightly grabbing the edges of Sugawara’s jaw before drawing his grinning face in for a quick kiss. It’s brief but when Daichi pulls back, Sugawara giggles. “What was that for?”

“Nothing. I just find it cute that you worry about my parents.”

“They’re family; why wouldn’t I worry about them?”

As their little exchange continues, Asahi sits quietly across the table and stares in admiration. He wonders if he and Yuu will ever get like that; together for that many years and yet still able to look at each other with that much love, like it’s as natural as breathing. He wonders if they’ll ever have that charm that only comes from being with somebody that long. He likes to think they will. He wants to hit all those important milestones while having Yuu at his side.

He supposed it didn’t matter to worry about that stuff anymore.

He wasn’t planning on going anywhere and Yuu had made it clear long ago that he didn’t plan on leaving either.

They were together here and now…

….and that was all that really mattered.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always encouraged! You are welcome to leave a review below; no account required. I am eager to hear from each and every one of you!


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