fanfiction · haikyuu: cawfee

Amused ☆ Cawfee AU

Character(s): Kuroo Tetsuro, Sugawara Koshi (briefly Sawamura Daichi)
Pairing(s): implied DaiSuga
Prompt: amused

The backdoor hinges give a familiar squeak as it’s opened and an even more familiar voice calls out, “Yo!”

Sugawara rolls his eyes as he’s got his hands covered in flour, kneading the dough carefully. An amused smile finds its way onto his lips none the less. “At this point, I think if you started using the front door, I would be a little concerned.”

Running a hand through his hair as he enters the kitchen, Kuroo grins cheekily over at him. “Yeah, well, this way is just faster.” Wandering over, he peaks over Sugawara’s shoulder curiously. “Whatchu makin’?”

Sugawara simply continues his work, flipping the dough over, adding more flour and continuing to work it. “Nothing that will be ready by the time you leave.”

“Damn.” Kuroo clicks his tongue, looking around absently. “Where’s the beansprout? You know, short stack?”

“Day off. We alternate on weekends; you know that.” Sugawara replies, glancing over his shoulder. “How many of those did you have in your system?”

“I thought of six more on the way over. I was hoping to get them all in before I left. That’s okay – I’ll save them for next time.”

“It’s amazing to me that no one has tried to stab you yet.”

“I know, right?” Kuroo smirks, amused at the thought before he points toward the backrooms. “Daichi in?”

“He’s busy with payroll.” Sugawara nods, looking back to his dough. “Tread carefully; he’s stressing out over expenses.”

“Tightly wound as always.” He scoffs, amused before clapping his hand on Sugawara’s shoulder and giving him a wave. “If I don’t emerge in an hour, send a search party.”

“That’s my future husband, Kuroo – I’m pretty sure there is a clause in there that I have to help hide the body.” Sugawara replies, looking amused.

Kuroo flinches dramatically at that, clapping a hand to his chest. “And after everything we’ve been through, Suga~” He snickers, turning back and heading down the small hall that branches off from the kitchen. Finding the appropriate door, Kuroo opens it without so much as a knock and grins widely. “Yo, Daichi–!”

“Get out.”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always encouraged! You are welcome to leave a review below; no account required. I am eager to hear from each and every one of you!


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