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Relieving Stress ☆ DZ au: Happily Ever After

Character/Pairing: Matthieu, Ace, Matthieu/Ace
Summary: Sometimes – not often – Ace manages to surprise Matt.
Trigger Warning(s): No warnings – just shameless porn
Fun Fact: This is the first smut story I have ever actually finished writing. Like, ever. Go figure.

This story is part of the Happily Ever After au, an alternate story to the Darkside Zodiac story – what would happen if the turning point in each character’s story never happened? How would they have grown up; how would their lives have continued to play out?

Tonight was boring.

Matthieu drummed his fingers upon the glass of the counter top, resting his face upon his open palm. He’d taken up this double shift at the gas station when his relief decided not to show up and his manager was too much of an ass to actually come in himself but that didn’t make it any less boring. All he could think of the entire time was his apartment, his bed, his fridge stocked with beer and being able to take off these broken ass sneakers.

The thought of those beers seemed to be the most appealing though.

Well, that and…

His eyes flickered up to the clock that ticked away on his till. He still had half n hour to go before the evening relief came in. He shut his eyes with a sigh.

Time only dragged when you watched it but he just couldn’t help himself.

All he could really think about was what would be waiting for him when he got home. He probably wouldn’t even get fully into the apartment before…

“You’re late.”

Ace stood at the end of the hall, hands on his hips and looking particularly annoyed. Matt sighed and kicked off his shoes, hanging his keys up on the hook.

“I drove home as fast as I could, okay? I hit every red light on the way home. I just want to crack open a cold beer and pass out in front of the TV.” Matt replies, slipping off his jacket and hanging that up on a hanger.

However, he barely finishes putting it back up on the bar before Ace is at his side, slipping his arms around his waist. “Long day, huh?”

“Have I ever told you how much I hate people?” Matt sighs, reaching over to cup Ace’s neck softly and kiss his nose.

Ace smirks in response and tilts his head a little further to claim himself a proper kiss from Matt’s lips, holding it firmly until he feels Matt respond in kind. It’s a tender sort of kiss in its own way but Ace almost immediately draws their hips together and flicks his tongue out, licking softly at his bottom lip.

Matt breaks the kiss then. “Woah, woah. Are you serious?” He lifts his hand from Ace’s neck and makes a point to look straight down between them.

“Don’t look at me like that. You made me wait for hours.” His voice almost sounds like a whine as he ducks his head into the curve of Matt’s neck and starts to kiss along it sensually. Ace draws his hands up from their hips to smooth down Matt’s chest.

Matt reaches up to Ace’s wrists. “Come on, man. Not tonight. I don’t have the energy right now to play with you when you’re like this.”

“Are you seriously turning down sex?” Ace asks in disbelief before he tries nibbling on Matt’s ear, knowing it to be a shared sweet spot.

Matt resists the sound that bubbles into his chest and he tilts his head away in weak protest. “I’m seriously turning down sex. I can fully guarantee that if we try, I’ll wind up falling asleep on you.”

Ace makes a noise of disapproval and places a kiss to his jaw. His hands still smooth down his chest though and eventually come to rest on his hips once more. “Even if I was planning to bottom tonight? You love it when you get to fuck me into the headboard.”

“True but that requires both energy and stamina with you that I do not currently possess. Rain check.” Matt wiggles himself away from Ace’s grip and makes his way down the hall to the kitchen.

Ace soon follows but he does so with a heavy sigh. “It’d be a great stress relief.”

“You’re really not going to let this go, are you?” Matt questions without looking at him, opening the fridge to fetch his beer. He brings the bottle over to the counter edge, sets the cap against it and hits it with the heel of his palm. A bit of beer spills on the floor as the cap is removed and bent under the force and Matt takes himself a generous swig before Ace decides to answer.

“I’m incredibly horny! Are you not seeing this?” He gestures down to the bulge in his sweatpants. “I’ve been spending the last two hours thinking about all the places I was going to have you fuck me until I couldn’t stand.”

Matt’s eyes follow the gesture and they linger on the bulge for a long moment…. but he swallows his immediate answer with another large gulp of the beer. “You’ve got hands.”

“No, you’ve got hands. Help me out here.”

“Are you serious?” Matt tips the bottle a little away from him, giving him a look of disbelief.

Ace gestures to the couch. “Do you think I’d still be bothering you if I wasn’t? I’d have jacked off hours ago, fucker.”

“You’ve had that for hours? How are you not in pain?”

“What? I haven’t– shut up.”

Matt’s lips linger on his beer bottle for a long moment, giving Ace a quirked look as he studies him. At the trailing gaze, Ace puts a finger up.

“No. Stop that.”

“Stop what?”

“That staring bullshit. That fucking wizardry you always try and pull.”

“What wizardry?”

“That bullshit where you guess what I’m thinking. I’m done with it. Fuck you.” Ace scowls him…. but he looks a little nervous.

Matt tilts his head, still quizzical.

“Stop it! You’re freaking me out!”

And slowly – very slowly – Matt stands a little more upright and a smirk spreads slowly onto his face.

Ace points and glares. “No.”

“You’re being awfully nice with me tonight.”


“I only got yelled at once and then damn near immediately got rubbed up on. That’s suspicious.”


“And I did call you ahead of time to let you know that I was finally coming home…”

“No, shut up!”

“So by hours, what you really meant was the last 15 minutes, huh?” Matt smirks against the rim of his beer bottle and Ace looks to be struggling through three separate actions. Admitting it, denying it entirely and asking how the fuck he knew.

“You know what? Fuck you! I’m just gonna go finish myself off and you can’t come crying to me when you want to get it on later.” He finally huffs and turns to go down the hall but Matt hurried forward to catch him by the arm.

“Woooaah, hang on. You can’t just leave me hanging like that. I want to hear you admit it.”

Ace tugs at his arm but Matt’s grip is surprisingly strong for only one hand. Plus, Ace isn’t exactly trying to fight him off. “I’m not admitting anything. You already said no so drop it.”

“Not a chance.” Matt chuckles, setting his beer down on a stack of dishes before he pulls Ace back and wraps an arm around his waist.

When he pulls him straight back so that his chest is pressed to Ace’s back, the boy seems to go stiff with nerves.

And Matt knows why.

His lips seek out Ace’s ear and he traces the shell of it tenderly. Ace’s breath catches in his throat. Matt chuckles low.

“Admit that you were trying to help me unwind. You were trying to pamper me.”

“What the hell would you need my help for that? You said it yourself – you were just going to veg out on the couch.” Ace replies stubbornly.

Matt nuzzles his nose in behind Ace’s ear and the boy twitches a little. “You missed me, that’s why.”

Ace went abnormally quiet then, his breath becoming quiet. Matt said nothing though, knowing better than to press Ace when he wanted proper answers. Instead, he settled for placing his own kisses along his neck. Each pressed firmly against the warm skin he found there and completed with a soft sound.

It was after about the fifth kiss that he heard it.

“… You promised you’d be back by noon today.”

Bingo. It wasn’t the exact words he wanted to hear but it was all in Ace’s voice. He was quiet, the words were honest and his tone sounded just the tiniest bit apologetic.

Matt let his arm slide back from around his waist to simply rest a hand on his hip. He kissed the tip of his spine that peaked out from the collar of his hooded sweater. “I know. I’m sorry. I couldn’t get anyone to cover it and staying meant that entire second shift was overtime.” He placed another soft kiss there. “We need the money.”

“I’m not stupid.” Ace replies, his voice going more back to normal but his tone was still on the quieter side. “I know we need the money but I don’t care if it means you’re never actually home.”

“I want to take care of you.”

“I don’t need someone to take care of me, Matt.” Ace’s voice returned to him fully and he sounded annoyed… but his hand went down to place over Matt’s on his hip. He turned then and glanced behind at Matt. He looked about as annoyed as he sounded. “And I don’t want you to take care of me, fuckass.”

“I just want to make sure you’re happy.”

“I like when you come home on time. I don’t care if it means we’re still behind on bills. I don’t care about bills.” He turns fully and pokes a finger into his chest with a scowl. “And I definitely never want to hear about youcaring about bills while we’re together. I will seriously murder your ass and leave you out in the hall for the neighbours to find.”

“You know, these things would be a whole lot easier if you were just honest from the start.” Matt says simply, a simple smirk on his lips. “Always have to be a cryptic piece of shit.”

“Fuck you. Go drink your stupid beer.” He rolls his eyes… but he’s no longer tense. The annoyance is gone from his face.

It was always easier for Ace to talk when Matt gave him the reins to. He had never been the type to do so when pressed. His default – much like Matt’s – was always to deny first and regret it later.

Matt reaches back and grabs his beer, taking a small sip. He watches Ace for a short moment before he swallows. “Weren’t you going to finish yourself off?”

“Forget it. How is anybody supposed to keep it up after that?” Ace shrugs a shoulder. He looks to the side absently, his gaze sort of blank.

Matt’s lips linger around the edge of the bottle and he reaches out to tug softly at the front of his shirt. “Tell you what – if I don’t have to do anything, we can do whatever you want.”

“Oh so now you change your mind? After I’ve already lost it?”

“You’re like an old man on Viagra for the first time. I know for a fact that you pop boners like–”

“You know what? Finish that sentence and I retract my offer entirely.” Ace scowls him.

Matt hums in response, looking up at the ceiling innocently and taking another swig of his beer.

“You fucking suck. I was so ready to go when you walked in.”

“So is that a no then?”

“Go sit on the couch, smart ass. I’ll be right back.” Ace grumbles, turning away from him and disappearing into their bedroom.

Matt smiles in victory and goes to do just that. As he rounds the couch, he takes one last gulp of his beer before setting the half full bottle down on the coffee table with a small click. He slumps down on the couch and groans in relief as his muscles immediately sigh with joy. His head tilts back and rests on the back, his eyes closing to enjoy the momentary silence. The quiet hum of the apartment. He could hear the furnace pumping heat into the room and the drip from the kitchen faucet that they could never seem to fix. The entire place seemed to take in a slow, deep breath with Matt before letting it out in a steady sigh.

Just as he was starting to settle into the silence, he felt something smack into his face. He jumped in surprise and whatever it was slide off his face and into his lap. Looking down into his lap as Ace hopped over the back of the couch, he lifted the wrapper and waved it in lazy amusement. “You hate using condoms when you bottom.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t feel like showering afterward, okay?”

“It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that I prefer using them when I’m fucking you into the headboard…. would it?” He hums. “That I hate when you have to shower directly afterward cause it kills the mood?”

“Don’t read too much into it, jackass, and wipe that fucking smile off your face before I knock your teeth in.” Ace replies, setting a bottle of lube down beside Matt’s beer before he hikes up his pants a little to straddle Matt’s lap.

“Feisty.” Matt chuckles, reaching up to smooth his hands over his hips. “Shouldn’t you just take these off?”

“I’m pretty sure it takes two horny people to fuck and unlike me, you actually require some foreplay.” Ace replies simply though Matt does note the dig in his words. Little shit.

The brunette reaches up and pulls off his hoodie, tossing it down by Matt’s feet to reveal a simple white t-shirt before he grabs his face with both hands and leans in to claim a firm kiss.

It’s passionate from the moment their lips touch and Ace demands nothing less. He’s got his tongue licking patterns along Matt’s tongue before the man is even sure he’d remembered opening his mouth. Matt’s head tips back further and further as the kiss continues until Ace is perfectly settled above him, pressing down and claiming Matt’s mouth with full authority. Matt is happy to leave the control up to him and instead relish in the rare treat that he has to do absolutely nothing. It was an even rarer treat considering Ace’s ever demanding personality. He was high maintenance in his own right but Matt wouldn’t love him if he was any other way.

He hated boring people.

Ace was always far from boring.

Matt’s fingers came up to slip into Ace’s hair as the kiss continued and the man on his lap managed to pull a quiet moan from his chest sooner then he had expected. This seemed like an invitation of sorts because Ace breaks the kiss then and pulls back with a soft pant before he ducks into Matt’s neck. His lips kiss and suck along the flesh without much mercy but that’s definitely what’s helping the heat that’s starting to pool between Matt’s thighs.

Matt’s fingers abandon his hair to rest on Ace’s hips, pressing into the bit of skin he catches above his waistband. His chest presses forward in a gasp suddenly when Ace’s lips part fully and he bites into Matt’s neck. A low groan pulls from deep within his stomach as he arches while Ace busies himself with cleaning up his handy work; tongue tracing over the teeth marks and sucking on them softly.

“Ace..” Matt breathes quietly, his hands sliding from his hips to his thighs as he rubs them absently. He’s not entirely sure what he wants to do with his hands but he’s got to show his appreciation for this somehow.

“Just relax.” Ace replies simply before he starts up a pattern of butterfly kisses along his neck and up his windpipe until the last one is placed on the front of his jaw. His eyes flicker up to Matt’s but his eyes are already closed, simply enjoying the contact.

Unfortunately, closed eyes to Ace translate as not paying attention – or worse, sleeping – so he reaches straight down between Matt’s thighs and gives his clothed crotch a squeeze.

Matt tenses and a moan stutters out from his throat before he can catch it but having Ace’s fingers touching his cock (even through his work pants) was most definitely something he’d been waiting for.

Ace always did get impatient with foreplay.

When Matt opens his eyes, Ace is scowling down at him. “If you fall asleep, I’m not kidding about murdering you.”

“I’m not going to– hngh.” Matt’s voice catches in his throat as Ace softly works his fingers against the steadily growing bulge in his hand.

“Then look at me.” Ace demands, reaching his other hand up to catch Matt’s chin. Matt blinks a couple times, his brain swimming for a moment before his eyes settle on Ace. He pants softly as he holds Ace’s gaze. “Good. Don’t look away either.”

Ace draws back his hands then and shifts off the couch before he comes to settle between Matt’s knees. He reaches up and grabs hold of his hips before he yanks Matt toward him. It’s so sudden and such a swift movement that Matt’s shirt rids up a little as he sort of awkwardly lays and sits against the couch cushions, his arms above his head in shock and his hips pressed flush against Ace’s.

His face is a bit pink with surprise but he’s not complaining once Ace starts to nudge his shirt up and kiss along his chest.

“I thought I agreed to this if I didn’t have to move.” Matt chuckles, simply talking for the sake of talking. A pleasant hum vibrates in his throat as Ace’s tongue flicks over one of his nipples.

Ace scoffs but he doesn’t sound annoyed. In fact, he sounds a little amused. Sex always had that affect on him – it always put Ace in a better mood. “You’re still on the couch and besides, that angle was a little too awkward to be able to get to these.” He says before drawing his tongue flat along the nipple and then teasing it to life with his teeth.

Matt hummed again, his hips shifting out of habit and rubbing against Ace’s. “My god, you’re like a dog. I knew it wouldn’t take much to get it back up again.”

“You know, I can always tell when you’re getting horny.”

“There is a pretty obvious indication.” Matt rolls his eyes, glancing down toward their hips but all he can see is the top of Ace’s head as he moves to the other nipple.

“No, it’s because you suddenly can’t shut up.”

“What? I don’t talk that much.”

Ace glances up at Matt then with a bored sort of expression. “You’re kidding, right?”

“So I’m vocal; what’s it matter?”

“No, I’m vocal. You’re chatty. There is a big difference.” Ace leans down and bites softly around the nipple – not enough to hurt but enough for the pressure – and sure enough, Matt arches up with a groan.

He swears softly under his breath in his native tongue before muttering darkly. “Fine. I talk.”

“It’s just good to finally hear you admit it.” Ace answers and this time, there is a smile on his face – and a smug one at that. His lips trail down his chest to kiss teasingly slow down his bare stomach. There are faint traces of abs there, remnants of what could have been if Matt ever decided to work out but Ace loves them. He likes how they still manage to look firm but when he draws his tongue over the skin, they sink under the attention. His tongue dips into his belly button and he nips softly at the flesh on top of it before he pulls back and starts his work in undoing Matt’s belt. He fumbles with it, the pin getting stuck in one of the notches as he pulls it lose and he grumbles. “I should have made you–”

“–change into pajamas first.” Matt interrupts and finishes because he’s thinking the same thing. It’s more tease than he appreciates right now since this is supposed to be a quick lay but Ace makes surprisingly fast work of tossing the belt well out of range and tugging them down around his hips more once he’s got the other fastenings open.

He wastes no time in hooking his fingers into Matt’s boxers either and when Matt’s half hard cock is in full view, Ace dips his face into his lap immediately and licks long over it, from tip to base.

Matt’s moan stutters, his hands still above his head now pressing into the couch in vague grip.

Ace tugs the material down to just above his knees before he reaches over to graze his fingers across the sensitive skin. He glances up to make sure Matt is looking – and of course he is and Ace thinks he’s looking rather irresistible at that moment – before he dips his lips down once more and starts to kiss up the length. Each press is tender and taunting and never once does Ace break eye contact.

Matt ping pongs on whether or not it’s incredibly embarrassing or if it is one of the hottest things he’s seen until Ace decides to lick long and slow up the underside and he’s more inclined to the second. His hips raise slightly and his chest expands with his deep breath. His fingers dig more into the couch and he unconsciously licks the bottom of his lip. Ace makes sure to give him the full view of it too, cradling his cock in his palm and doing it again so Matt can take in the sight inch by inch.

He shivers in delight.

“Would you just swallow it already?” Matt finally snaps, cursing mentally to have caved so quickly.

Ace smirks and Matt can see the gleam of his teeth. “Now whose being feisty?”

“Now whose being a brat?” Matt replies, lifting his hips a little more but Ace shifts himself back at that.

“Ah, ah~” Ace teases, placing a tender kiss just below the tip. He looks up at Matt through his lashes as his lips come to hover over the tip. “I thought you agreed not to move?”

“I didn’t think you were going to turn this into a teasing session. Look, I’m clearly horny. I’m standing at attention all on my own. Can we move this along now?”

Ace lets go of his cock then and indeed Matt remains stiffly in the air. Ace traces a single finger from tip to base, tracing the vein that is now pulsing there before he does the same with his lips. Matt groans in distress.

“I’m serious, Ace. Hurry the fuck up.”

“Hmm… you also get mouthy when you’re horny.” Ace hums, parting his lips and sucking softly along the length. He speaks in mumbles between each caress. “I mean,” A quick lick. “more than normal.”

“Ace, if you don’t–” Matt begins to grit from between his teeth but Ace just sends him another toothy smirk and grasps his cock tenderly once more.

“Relax, your Highness. I’ve got you covered.” And there isn’t another breath passed before Ace parts his lips and swallows part of him.

Matt’s hips raise then and Ace allows it, pulling back slightly before he hallows out his cheeks and starts to drag his tongue purposefully along the skin. Matt feels his cock twitch between Ace’s lips but the man doesn’t seem to show any sign of noticing it. One of his hands come down to fist into his hair as the heat of his mouth continues to wash over him. “Fuck, yes, finally.” Matt pants.

Keeping the pace even for a while, Ace enjoys the push and pull of his cock dragging across his tongue. The feel of the sensitive tip brushing the roof of his mouth and occasionally dipping back at little further served to make him swell more in his own pants. He genuinely enjoyed this. The taste of Matt’s skin. He always had. He could never resist keeping his tongue to himself if Matt had any exposed and now was certainly no exception.

He groaned deep around his cock when Matt’s fingers dug into his hair. They not only dug but twisted, and Ace had always been weak to that. The gesture only made him think of what would be preceding this and he hopes Matt won’t hesitate to be equally as vicious about it.

A second hand comes down to to the same until Matt is holding Ace’s head steady for a moment before he rocks his hips up fully. Ace had been prepared for this – honestly, he was surprised Matt had held out so long – and let his throat relax before Matt buried himself deep down his throat. They shared a moan – Matt much more loudly than Ace, of course – and he held his hips there for a few seconds. “Fuck, Ace. Ace, I-” He lowers his hips after a few moments and his fingers loosen in Ace’s hair.

He clears his throat only once when he pulls off and swallows absently before looking up at Matt with that usual smirk. Matt’s expression is soaked in lust and Ace can see the glazed over look in his eyes. That feral stare that Ace adored so much. “What’s wrong? I thought you were going to fuck my mouth. You usually love that.”

“I’d much rather bust my load inside you.” Matt replies, his tone firm and leaving no room for argument. Not that Ace would give him any. He never did.

“Works for me.” He replies and twists around slightly to grab the lube off the table. He uncaps it and is about to pour some on his fingers before Matt sits up and snatches the bottle.

Ace blinks in surprise. “What the hell, man?”

“Hurry up and take those fucking pants off.” Matt bites, sitting back again and pouring a bit onto his own palm before he starts to coat his cock with it, pumping it slowly as he watches Ace.

He rolls his eyes in response but soon his sweatpants and boxers are one with the floor and he’s crawled himself back into Matt’s lap. He towers above him, hands on his shoulders as he watches Matt’s hand work. “Hmm… I should watch you jack off more often. It’s kinda hot.”

Matt glances up at him then and lets go of his own cock only to wrap his fingers around Ace’s. Ace’s fingers dig into Matt’s shoulder in surprise and his breath stutters then in surprise. “H-Hey, I thought you weren’t going to do anything.”

“Yeah, well, now I’m full of adrenaline. Hurry it up.” He hands Ace the bottle of lube and he takes a couple seconds to grab it, his mind more focused on the firm fingers tugging rhythmically on his own cock.

When he does take it, he fumbles a little before pouring some over his fingers. Once he caps it again, he tosses the bottle on the far end of the couch before he spreads the slick liquid across his digits. Matt leans in then and bites at his still clothed stomach, working his cock a little faster. “Hurry it up.”

Ace’s free hand comes up to lace into Matt’s hair, setting itself on the back of his head to keep him as close as possible. His wet fingers reach behind himself and he finally starts to tease his own entrance. The fingers trace the muscle and he moans softly. It’s not long after that he pushes two inside himself and groans openly at the feel. The combined stimulation is enough to make him shiver as he starts to work the fingers inside himself. The pleasure from the hand job and the frequency of their sex life though makes for rather quick work of preparing himself.

When Matt bites into his stomach again, Ace feels the moan come out as shout before its even left his lips and the sound did not disappoint. He presses Matt’s face flush to his stomach, his hips making awkward movement between Matt’s hand and his own fingers as he gasps. “M-Matt, god I-”

“Don’t you dare come already.” Matt warns, his lips pressing simple kisses to the cloth.

“I won’t.” Ace whines slightly. “I doubt I’ll last very long at this rate. I’ve been horny for too long.”

“Are you ready then?”

Hnn, yeah I’m ready.” Ace pants, pulling his fingers out with a groan at the feel. Matt’s hand ceases on his cock and instead grabs for Ace’s hips.

He draws him down further into his lap before his cock is sliding along the curve of Ace’s ass.

Ahhn, wait, what about the condom?” Ace questions, his hands moving to grab the back of the couch behind Matt’s head.

Matt’s lips ghost over Ace’s chest as he reaches his hand back to guide his cock to its intended destination. “Think of it as me returning the favour.”

“The favo–ahh! Hnghhh!” Ace’s voice catches in his throat, fingers digging into the couch as Matt’s cock starts to slowly slide up his ass and he is drawn flush against Matt’s lap. His gaze is toward the ceiling as the feeling overwhelms him. This was always how he preferred it when he took the passive role – to feel Matt completely raw inside him. No buffer zone or protection – just pure and absolutely… “Matt.” He breaths, the lust in his voice undeniable.

Matt finally gains his own smirk as Ace’s ass is soon rested completely in his lap. “I’ll never get over the fact that I can fit completely inside you.”

Ace glances down at him then, his lips still parted in soft pant. “Why do you feel the need to tell me that every time?” His face was starting to grow pink in arousal and Matt didn’t doubt if his own face was starting to look quite similar. It was a rare treat when Ace chose before hand to take on the passive position – a choice that was usually decided on mid-foreplay when one of them caved first – and it was serving to make Matt’s balls even warmer. He looked so stubborn hovering above him, his arms tense on either side of his head. He looked so perfect, so ready, so…. breakable.

“Because it never stops being true. Now start moving these pretty hips of yours.” Matt urges, his hips pressing up a little more to try and slip further into Ace. Not that he could but the added pressure was enough to make Ace groan under his breath.

“Don’t call them pretty, you creep.” Ace is quick to reply but he does comply, digging his knees into the couch more as he raises his hips slowly and then descends. The slow pull only a test to get the full feel of Matt filling him once again before he starts to work his hips in shallow thrusts, a constant pant on his lips as he does.

Matt’s grip holds firm to Ace’s hips but he let’s the other guide his own hips as he finally starts to work them. Matt moans in approval. “Did you just call me a creep during sex?”

“Yes~” Ace replies shortly but given the obvious moan etched into his tone, Matt’s not entirely sure that was an actual answer. Not that it matters as Ace starts to pick up the thrust of his hips as he gets more comfortable. He stares down at Matt with his own set of glossed over eyes as another moan escapes him.

“Come on, now. You can take in more than that.” Matt replies, not able to resist bullying him while he’s got that expression on. That desperate want.

Ace bites his bottom lip as he slows to press down fully and keens very softly before he lifts his hips once more. “If you want more, you’ll have to d-do it yourself. This was my treat to you, remember? Ahhnn, I’ll do what I-hah– what I want.”

Mmm…” Matt hums. He thinks for a moment and lets his hand smooth up his back, fingers slipping under his shirt to trail up his spine. “You look very pretty with that face, you know. It’s the entire reason I can never resist breaking you when you’re like this.”

Ace’s eyebrows furrow at that but the arousal is still so evident on his face that it has little impact. “Would you quit it with the pretty bullshit already? It’s- hnn– annoying.”

“I’ll call you pretty if I want to. This is my treat, isn’t it?”

“Don’t get all cocky suddenly.” He holds back a moan for a moment by biting his lower lip. “You didn’t even want to do this ten minutes ago.”

“Opinions change. Come on, don’t slow down now.” Matt replies, his tone taunting as his fingers dig into his hips. “I want to feel you completely filled up with me to the point where you can’t stand it.”

“I told you.” Ace grits. “I’ll do what I want.”

“Mm… nope. Not good enough.”

Matt grips his hips suddenly and pulls him down with enough force to meet his hard thrust and Ace gives a sharp cry of surprise. His whole body shivers over the sheer dominance of it all and he gasps. It’s in this momentary lapse of Ace’s attention that Matt quickly switches their position, pressing Ace’s back down into the couch cushions and drawing his legs up over his shoulders. When he presses himself back fully into Ace, the brunette slides up the couch a little. Ace reaches his arms up quickly to press against the arm of the couch and he scowls up at Matt, even as he starts thrusting into him again – and at a much faster and harder rate.

There is a steady slap of skin with every snap of Matt’s hips.

“Wait, this isn’t– ahnnn~

“You said if I wanted it,” Matt gives his a smirk but he’s caught up in his own steady panting. “I should do it myself.”

“I hate this position.” Ace tries but his body curls when Matt reaches a hand around to start pumping at his cock. His head presses back further into the couch cushion and a long moan escapes his throat.

Matt smirks but his words are lost in his own moan as he keeps pulsing his hips forward, finding a suitable rhythm to attend to both tasks and then making sure to do them in time. He can feel Ace’s legs tense across his shoulders and Matt watches as he tries uselessly to grab onto the cloth of the couch arm. Instead he settles for bracing his forearms against it.

“You’re the one who said I wasn’t allowed to– hngh, fuck– to break eye contact.” Matt explains lamely but he knows Ace is beyond actually listening to him.

He’s showing all the usual signs that he’s getting close to coming. He’s getting restless. He can’t seem to decide where he wants his head or his arms or his hands and they keep shifting position slightly against the couch arm every time Matt slams hard into him again. His moans are louder but they keep cutting themselves off as he gasps for air, the result making him sound more like he was whining than anything else. That absolutely desperate tone of Ace’s is always his favourite part about sex. That unmistakable and constant hitch in his voice.

Matt can never get enough of it. “You’re not– hnn– supposed to come before me, you know?”

“F-Flip me over.” Ace stutters out and the words only cause Matt’s smirk to grow.

“I’m sorry, what?” He teases, his own panting impossible to cover up.

Ace growls then. “Don’t act like you didn’t h-hear me, jackass. Flip me over!”

“No.” Matt replies, short and simple, leaning down more toward him as his thrusts get faster. “Not this time.”

There was a very simple reason why Ace hated the missionary position. It was too intimate, too close, too personal for him. He didn’t like how Matt could see absolutely everything. How he could see how quickly he was breathing, how flushed his face was, how desperate he probably looked. Even more than that, he didn’t like this moment. This moment right before he knew his orgasm was about to hit him and how Matt was going to witness every little twist and twitch and curl when it hit him.

It was too intimate. He couldn’t deal with it. It was embarrassing.

As he felt his body starting to tense as the pleasure built to breaking point, he tried to bring his arms down to cover his face… but Matt was having none of that. He pressed forward even more, forcing Ace to curl further so he could get his free hand close enough to pin his arms back to the couch.

“Not yet. Come on, Ace. Come for me. Just like this.”

Ace barely had a moment to look up at Matt in surprise or annoyance before the pleasure was too much and his entire body snapped in orgasm. His head tilted back against the body, his moan loud and strong as his hips shook with it. He barely felt the come hitting his shirt as the wave crashed against his frame and for a moment, he forgot to breath. Matt’s own hips didn’t let up though, still hammering strong into him and his cock twitched with every last pull of his orgasm.

Just as the sensation started to settle neatly under Ace’s skin, he felt Matt finally still against him. He groaned as he felt him finally release his own orgasm, feeling Matt’s cock pressed deep inside him. Matt’s eyes were closed as the pleasure washed over him but Ace let it pass, noting the look of fulfillment on his face as the pleasure finally started to settle.

As the tension of sex quieted, Matt pulled out and finally let Ace’s legs down. The brunette groaned in relief, feeling the awkward position already putting a strain on his back… but the dull pain seemed quite worth it when Matt leaned forward and pressed his own sweaty forehead to Ace’s.

There was a moment there – just a moment. Things were calm and their breaths mingled. There was peace in that moment as they both settled and reality sunk back into their veins. Something that didn’t need to be spoken and rarely was but it didn’t make it any less theirs.

And then Ace shoved Matt so hard that he fumbled and crashed to the floor before the couch. “Fuck! Oww!”

“I said I hate that position, you stupid fuck. That’s payback.” Ace replies, looking up at the ceiling before he rubs his face with one hand. “Ugh, now I’m going to have to shower after all. I thought you said you were tired?! That was not tired sex.”

“I didn’t see you complaining.” Matt replies back stubbornly as he sits up and very narrowly misses the foot Ace sends flying toward his face. “What?! I thought you’d like it?”

“It’s not the sex I’m mad about it!”

“Is this because I saw your face when you came?” Matt gestures absently. “I don’t know why you’re so protective over it; it’s not like I’ve never seen it befo–”

And this time, Matt isn’t so lucky in dodging the second foot that comes flying toward his face.

Needless to say, Matt never did leave the couch that night.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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