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Excess Energy ☆ Darkside Zodiac

Summary: It was rare when Ike gave into the rage but it was always an easy fix.
Trigger Warning(s): Murder, gore
Fun Fact: First time actually writing someone committing messy violence!

A deep breath slipped peacefully into the darkness.

Ike flipped the wooden bat cradled in her gloved hand and caught it firmly on the handle. She paced silently in the shadows, watching as the man vomited blood onto the ground.

Honestly, the display was disgusting.

She flipped the bat once again.

At least have the decency to scream.

She looked around herself. They were on the outskirts of town, not a soul in sight and on the edge of a harbor. Lost somewhere in the maze of abandoned storage containers, even if someone heard their ruckus, she doubted they’d be able to find them in time.

She’s make sure of that.

This wasn’t a hit, after all. This was simply release.

Work had been far too quiet for her tastes. Too many people at the moment were too scared stiff to try and and pull anything stupid. She had nobody to make disappear; nobody to punish. The occasional jobs that she was called for weren’t enough to keep that thirst at bay.

The thirst she often tried to ignore but the same hunger that practically dripped from her teeth with every successful hit.

The one she swallowed, crushed, maimed and tried to drown every time it surfaced.

It wasn’t her anger. It wasn’t her murder instinct.

It was his.

That worthless piece of shit that shared some of her DNA. That putrid sack of skin that was still walking around because she’d failed to kill him when they were younger.

She should have just slit his throat in his sleep the first time instead of having held a pillow to his face. That had been her mistake. She had been young and foolish. It was a mistake that still haunted her.

If she had been wise back then, Ace would be dead, buried six feet under pig shit on that god forsaken farm they grew up on and this rage would have been gone.

Yes, that would be wonderful. The thought sent a pleasant chill down her spine.

She could have chopped his vile corpse up into teeny tiny pieces and let the pigs work on making him disappear. It was a fitting end for him. Literal pig shit. She almost thought it sounded poetic.

“P-Please…” She hears the man wheeze and her attention goes back to his quivering form.

He’s still laying on the ground, merely sitting up. His nose is bleeding and clearly broken from where he’d tried to dodge the first swing of her bat. She looked at it rather fondly, a wicked smile coming to her lips.

This must have unsettled the man as he held a hand to his stomach where she’d just finished crushing a few of his ribs. Judging by the way he was gasping for air, she must of missed. She clicked her tongue in disapproval.

Well now, that wouldn’t do.

She stepped closer to him, letting the bat drag behind her in very clear threat.

She gave him a smile and it was like she’d drained him entirely of blood. He went completely pale.

“P-Please, I-I have… a family! I-” He gasped, trying to breathe through his panic. “I have a daughter!”

Ike tilted her head and halted her feet. Her free hand came up to rest on her hip. “I see why he hates it so much when you shits beg.” She lifts her bat and points it at him with a stone cold glare. “It’s fucking annoying when you’re angry.”

She settled both hands around the hilt. “Go on.” She continues, adjusting her grip and drawing the bat behind her head. “Beg one more time. I dare you.”

The man put his hands up in defense like somehow that would lessen the blow. She never understood why people did that. It only made her want to break her victim further.

In that split moment that he lifted his hands, he left his torso exposed. Long cultivated instinct brought her bat down to connect with the already broken ribs. She felt them give way even further and the scream the man let out was a thing of pure beauty. Bloodcurdling. It made her skin crawl.

She loved it.

She couldn’t wipe the smile off her face as she felt that loathsome rage take over her arms.

And suddenly she couldn’t stop beating him.

She brought the bat down, crushing his body over and over again. She listened to each pathetic cry the man gave under her rage and watched him spit up more and more blood with each brutal stroke of her bat.

Somehow, she wound up standing over his quivering, puking form. Honestly, humans were so ugly when they died. She planted her booted foot into his side and kicked him back down.

He didn’t move. She could see the life leaving him – or at least the consciousness. Either way, he wouldn’t be getting home to see that precious daughter of his.

“Why…. are.. you…. doing… this?” He spoke, each word with great pause. She let him speak, forever having found the last words of the dying to be a source of amusement. Usually, it was the same old routine but sometimes people surprised her.

This man, however, this man was so cliche it was sickening.

She let the by now bloodied bat come up to rest against her shoulder.

She tilted her head, looking thoughtfully up at the stars. There was genuine thought there, searching for the perfect words. She wanted the last thing this man ever heard to be something good. Something that could be written in the history books.

Ike looked down at the man as she brought the bat off her shoulder and returned both hands to it. Her grip tightened as she drew back, holding it at the ready.

She gave him a bone chilling smile.

“… Because I can.”

The sickening sound of her bat caving in his skull settled deep into her spine. She shivered in delight as she stepped away from the mess she’d made to admire it. She leaned down on her bat, both hands folded carefully over the tip as she watched the blood pool from his skull. The sickening twist of broken and bruised limbs practically sang to her. The way some of his joints were cracked, dangling in the opposite direction they were built for gave her a sense of pride. She almost had respect for the corpse. Normally they didn’t last that long. They usually passed out long before this one had from pain and she was left wailing on someone who couldn’t even enjoy her rage.

Staring down at this ugly mass of flesh and bone, she took a slow, deep breathe.

Then exhaled.

“Ahh~ now I feel much better.”

A pleasant smile crossed her face as she let the bat fall to the ground and stand tall. She stretched her arms up high, feeling at peace now that the latest ball of rage had been spoiled and satisfied.

His anger had faded from her veins and now she felt much more like herself.

“I suppose I better dispose of you now, shouldn’t I? It wouldn’t be any fun to leave you to the seagulls. They’d just draw attention.”

She hums softly as she reaches over and lifts up his body, watching the blood pour from his split skull.

Such a mess, this one.

Well, better get to work.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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