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Development ☆ Darkside Zodiac

fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment: How do your characters deal with stress?

Aries: It’s difficult to say since he is sort of always stressed out (as artists often are) but I could see him relieving his stress by eating. Binge eating, to be exact. I don’t mean just grabbing a bucket of ice cream and watching infomercials. I mean he goes to all you can eat buffets and stuffs himself until he literally pukes. He has a very high metabolism though but every pound he does gain, he doesn’t care about. It’s not what’s on his mind. He just eats. He wants to eat. He wants to consume everything that he can.

Taurus: I like to think that when he gets stressed out (being a apathetic man to begin with), he goes into target practice mode. He shoots things. Anything. He doesn’t go to a specific range. He shoots things around him. Being able to hit his exact mark on his intended target gives him a sense of control and it calms him down. He mainly shoots inanimate objects though, saving his shots that take lives for when Cruz needs him to.

Gemini: A notorious chain smoker. When he’s stressed, he’ll smoke multiple packs in a day. It doesn’t matter the brand or type. He buys only cartons instead of individual packs because of it. He’ll never be without a cigarette between his fingers if he’s having a tough day. This, naturally, gives him a horrendous smokers cough.

Cancer: I think she would be a frequent visitor to cafés. A coffee addict. She’s the one who goes into coffee shops, gets the largest drink and asks for a minimum of five espresso shots. The taste of bitter coffee relaxes her. It’s not enough to just get a cup of coffee though. She needs the café atmosphere. It’s filled with people and people are what she does best with. Sometimes she needs a break from her job to deal with people she isn’t going to eventually take under her wing.

Leo: She watches TV. She likes how it is a mind numbing activity. She doesn’t have to do anything, she doesn’t have to think about anything – she just sits there and watches. Sometimes, she doesn’t even pay attention to the program. It’s enough to just watch the screen with the movement and colours and white noise that it provides. The program doesn’t matter to her.

Virgo: She cleans. She over cleans. Things that never need cleaning ever get cleaned. She will take things completely apart to clean each invidivual part before she puts it back together again. More than once has Ike come home to see the toaster has been ripped apart and she is polishing everything down to the last speck of dust before putting it all back together. She gets anxious often and thus doing something so meticulous when she’s stressed out helps keep her mind working and she feels a sense of accomplishment when things are put back together again.

Libra: He masturbates. It doesn’t matter what he is stressed over. He’ll rub one out where ever he is. He’s become quite the master of doing so in public places and never getting caught, simply because he seeks immediate release. It gives him a sense of distraction and his head is always a little clearer after orgasm.

Scorpio: She indulges in her wines and scotches. She is most definitely a drinker but she isn’t an alcoholic. Having a glass of vintage Laphroaig from 1899 is her idea of stress relief. It’s all she needs. She will sit in her comfiest chair in her most comfortable bathrobe and indulge in the glass for as long as she possibly can. It’s a simple reminder to herself of her success and status and it helps to re-balance her state of mind.

Sagittarius: He cuts. The sight of blood gives him a pleasant thrill but it also serves to calm him down. If he goes too long without it, he starts to go through similar symptom of drug withdrawl. So he cuts to relieve the stress. He doesn’t just cut himself though. He does so to Matthieu as well – with his permission, of course. As such, Matthieu has become quite good at homemade stitches and has to keep a well stocked first aid kit in the trunk of his car in case he goes too far.

Capricorn: Gambling. Nothing relaxes her more than dolling herself up and going to the nearest casino to waste away her money. She has absolutely no interest in winning more money but she does enjoy the thrill of winning the game. It doesn’t matter how much money she ends up leaving with, so long as she has managed to play until her hearts content. In the company of a beautiful woman, of course.

Aquarius: He relaxes with numbers. He keeps a problem book on him at all times that contain a variety of different challenges. Word problems, crosswords, math related questions and riddles. Being able to solve each challenge gives him a sense of accomplishment and self worth. On particularly stressful weeks, he will complete multiple books.

Pisces: She feels at peace around water. She likes how it looks, how it smells, how it moves and how it feels. However, this is reserved for natural water. She will go on walks or drives to sit by a river or lake or even a small pond. She doesn’t always have to go into it or touch it but simply being around it is often enough to relax her.

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