darkside zodiac · original

A Moment of Peace ☆ Darkside Zodiac

Trigger Warnings: For once, none. A single mention of murder.

It was starless night; the clouds were bulky and they stretched enough to cover the sky and block out each faint little flicker the stars may have to offer. The moon was a murky crescent behind the clouds, the light soaking its ink into the plumes.

The world was quiet – it was one of those cool nights where not even the crickets decided to chirp and were instead beneath their rocks, nestled in peace.

He let out a long sigh, a sigh that felt so loud, it could have been heard from miles off. Perhaps someone in the city 20 miles away did or perhaps the crickets woke from their slumber because of it.

Still, the sigh was no match for the piercing scream that still echoed between his ears; a sound only hushed by the car door slamming.

“Found it.”

“About time. You still owe me a new one.”

A white lighter was tossed to him and Ace caught it with one hand. Sparks flickered from the end until a steady flame was achieved and the cherry of his cigarette grew crimson as it was light. A puff of smoke from his lips was exhaled before the lighter was handed off to his companion.

A dull, orange light was cast over the more pale hands of his companion as he joined him with his own cigarette. The warmth of the flame flickered and shone across the wet blood that still graced his fingers.

The familiar sight only seemed to make this night more inviting.

The silence fell over them again, broken only by the occasional exhale that billowed and rose to the vacant sky. These were the moments that they liked the most. The aftermath. Of course, the main event was what they savored but there was something about these few passing moments. Something grounding and stable. Something profound and maybe even a little humbling.

Something simple that, in their own selfish way, made them wish to bottle the second heartbeat and keep the glass jar tucked safe away in their pockets.

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