darkside zodiac · original

004 ☆ Darkside Zodiac

Trigger Warning(s): Absolutely none

“You’ll swallow your whole life in that glass.”

Cruz glances up and seems to perk, setting her glass down with a quiet click. Her arms extend up to Tomás as he nears and he bends to allow her to wrap her arms around his shoulders. “I’m sure my liver can handle it. It’s vintage brandy. Cost me a fortune. Share a glass with me, my darling Tomás?”

“I’ve never cared for brandy.”

“Everything tastes better when it’s expensive. Just one glass.” She draws him closer, smoothing a hand across his shoulder. “You’ll grow old before my eyes if you don’t learn to relax.”

Tomás stares at her a moment before he sighs through his nose. “Well, if you insist. Just one.”

She kisses his cheek in glee and let’s go to fetch him a glass.

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