darkside zodiac · original

002 ☆ Darkside Zodiac

Summary: A collection of drabbles done for the 10 song challenge in which you put your music player on shuffle and you have to write for the duration of each song – even if the song ends while you’re in mid-sentence. As such, most of these are without endings or development. I only did 5 this time.
Trigger Warning(s): Physical abuse, mentions of murder, arson

– ☆ Feel the Silence by Goo Goo Dolls

“What are you doing?”

Liam startled, his back stiffening in surprise from hearing a voice when the room was dead silent. His face flushed slightly in surprise, he glances over his shoulder at Shikoba. The man is sitting up, one arm rested on his raised knee. His hair, usually tied back, currently hung in front of his face in such a way that made Liam wish he could tuck it behind his ear.

“Y-You’re awake. Sorry; was I too loud?”

Shikoba’s head tilts slightly and when he responds, it’s annoyed. “What are you doing?” He repeats.

“Oh! I’m just, uh, working on some paperwork.” Liam lifts the papers off the table to show Shikoba. “You’ll be needing a new credit card soon so I wanted to make sure it was ready for you.”

– ☆ Homesick At Space Camp by Fall Out Boy

Liam pulled out his wallet, handing the cashier his credit card with a bright smile. Despite the warm reception, the cashier takes it with an empty expression and swipes it before handing it back.

“Are we done here?” Shikoba questions, grabbing the two plastic bags and lifting them off the counter.

“Ahh, wait, I still need to…” Liam starts but Shikoba is already leaving and the cashier is busy handing him a pen. Liam takes it, signing the bottom of the receipt quickly and snatching his copy. “Umm, wait for me!”

“You’re slow.” Shikoba replies simply once Liam has scurried to catch up to his heels.

– ☆ Vertigo by Marianas Trench

The sting of his cheek was still painfully obvious and his jaw ached from the sheer force of the backhand. As Liam stood there, his face turned down, he could feel Shikoba’s cold stare on him and he was completely grounded. The shiver started in his shoulders and he could feel it working down his spine before he feels it enter his knees.

Pleasure. Pure and untainted pleasure.

“I said pay attention, you little shit!” His hand grabbed the front of his shirt roughly before he yanked him right off his feet to slam him into the wall. The force caused Liam’s breath to catch in his throat.

His hands came up to settle on top of Shikoba’s and his voice quaked. “I-I’m sorry.”

– ☆ A Gentlemen’s Coup by Rise Against

He was never quite sure which part thrilled him the most. The smell, the sight, the crackle, the burn or the sparks. Maybe it was none of them. Perhaps it was watching the flame slowly eat away at a building that once looked so stable. His own perfect masterpiece. Another artwork for the record books. His own metaphor concealed in two tanks of gasoline and a starter. He dug his hand into his pocket to finger the Zippo lighter.

A picture was worth a thousand words, wasn’t that right?

– ☆ Cross My Heart by Marianas Trench

Liam rested his chin into his open palm, staring across the table with the straw of his drink pressed between his teeth. Shikoba hadn’t said one word all morning. It wasn’t like silence was something unusual for him but he was always in higher spirits after making art. He was at the very least sociable. He wondered what was wrong.

Was it not satisfying? Did something happen with the materials? Maybe the location wasn’t good enough? He wondered if there were any victims this time. It wasn’t an important detail to Shikoba but Liam always felt like he needed to know.

In a strange sense, it was his own way of reliving his moment of freedom through Shikoba’s actions. It was his own private way to relive the moment he listened to his stepfather beg for help where Liam would give him none.


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