darkside zodiac · original

001 ☆ Darkside Zodiac

Trigger Warning(s): Absolutely none

Shikoba very rarely let Liam come on his outings. It wasn’t for any need of his safety. Shikoba didn’t give a fuck about what happened to the little shit. It was because he’d get himself fucking caught and Shikoba would lose his endless resource… and this was how Liam preferred it.

He liked being the one that Shikoba came back to. When he came back smelling like kerosene and burnt flesh. When he had burns and cuts to mend. When he needed a new pack of matches. When he needed something burnt to a crisp and smothered in ketchup. Liam catered to everything. If Shikoba had ever asked him to breathe for him because doing so was too tedious, Liam would raise hell to figure out a way to make it happen.

Anything for his beloved. Anything to make it so he could keep creating his masterpieces all over the world. Anything to see those black and broken monuments to his greatness.


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