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Planting the Seed ☆ Sinking Destiny

“We could, you know.”

Glancing at his reflection in the mirror, Satoshi continued to adjust his collar as he gave a side glance to the servant busy lounging on his bed rather than offer assistance in dressing him as his job entailed. “We could do what?”

“Leave. Hitch a ride on the next ship leavin’ port and never look back.” He flashed a toothy grin, the sort that Satoshi had seen maids swoon at and charm nobleman with heavy pockets for tips. The type of smile that held abandon and adventure.

The sort that Satoshi recognized as the one that normally lead to trouble-bound conversations.

“You must be joking.”

“Come on, Satoshi! Where’s your sense of adventure? Think about it-” The servant sat up properly, arms spreading slowly as if to map out the scenery in each intricate detail. “That first peak of morning light; no buildings or trees or even the chattering of squirrels to distract from that wide open view. How the light, all warm and crisp, would filter in through the railings. Imagine the smell. That rich musk of wood and salt, filling your nostrils as you look out over an endless sea, never knowing where one wave ends and another begins. The breeze on your face; in your hair! How it would whistle in your ears, like it was calling your very name!” He exclaims, hands motioning each detail and voice carrying the sights before Satoshi’s very eyes. “How could you say no to the wind?”

“I believe the afternoon sun may have stolen your sanity, Mikayl. I have a responsibility here; an image to uphold and duties to fulfil.”

“As a living tapestry?” Mikayl offers, a quirk in his smile that tests the edge of truth and disrespect.

Satoshi had always hated that look. He tugs at his vest in annoyance. “Yeah.” He answers shortly. “If that’s what it-” He stops abruptly, scowling Mikayl’s reflection in the mirror as the man snickers away. Turning to face him, his scowl deepens. “Yes.” He corrects himself stubbornly. “If that is what it takes to ensure my family prospers.”

Mikayl waves a finger at him. “See? Your soul’s more honest than your lips. It longs for freedom, not stuffed into tailor made tunics of the finest silks.” He gestures to his ensemble with a raised eyebrow.

“You would prefer I dress in rags?”

Mikayl shrugs. “I’d prefer if you dressed in something ya picked out yourself. I wouldn’t give a damn if you dressed in rags, riches or don a corset.”

“Don?” Satoshi repeats.

Mikayl grins. “Learned it a couple days ago; I’ve been dying to use it. Know how to spell it proper and everything.” He tilts his head. “Don’t change the subject.”

“I am unsure what answer you’re expecting to hear from me, Mikayl. No, this life is not always pleasant, nor does it bring forth much excitement but the fact remains that I am the sole heir to this estate and without me, my lineage would fade to the history books.” Satoshi answers with a sigh. “I do not expect you to understand the gravity of such pedigree.”

“Pedigree?” Mikayl questions, perking curiously. It was always the most attentive Satoshi saw him – the prospect of learning something new. Expanding his vocabulary had always been a high priority for the servant – even if he never took the liberty to use it.

“Pedigree. P-E-D-I-G-R-E-E.” Satoshi recites for him. “Used most often to refer to the genealogy of the upper class.”

“Oh!” He grins… and then it slips once he puts it into context. He looks displeased. “Oh.” He repeats, lacking enthusiasm.

Sighing loudly, Mikayl tips his head back. “You’re so boring, Satoshi. Don’t you have like ten cousins? Let them worry about your pedigree. Wouldn’t you rather be the first of a whole new history? Satoshi, Captain of the…” He rolls his wrist, trailing off. “Whatever we name our ship. People around the world would know your name; they’d hail and respect you.”

“I have six cousins and I do not recall the last time I met a pirate that was greeted at the ports with welcoming arms.” Satoshi retorts.. but his gaze falls to the side as Mikayl’s words sink into his bones. The first of a new history, huh..? He kind of liked the sound of that…

A knowing smirk crept onto Mikayl’s lips. He sat forward, leaning his forearms to his knees. “You’ve just been going to the wrong ports, my friend,” he speaks, his voice low and tantalizing. “Everything you would accomplish would be your own doing, not somebody else’s passed down glory. Don’t you want to know, Satoshi? What you have to offer the world?”

There is a silence then; a hush that settles uncomfortably well around them. Dozens of thoughts, of giving into temptation and denying it, lingered in the air. Satoshi chewed the inside of his lip in thought. Mikayl waited eagerly for a response.

Finally, Satoshi’s gaze returns to Mikayl and he breaths a laugh. “You failed to assist me at all; you have to be the laziest servant I have ever met. How did you even get this job?”

“Pedigree.” He replies and a mischievous grin tugs at the corner of his lips…

… and for once, Satoshi can’t help but mirror it.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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