Little ☆ Sailor Moon

Character/Pairing: Ami Mizuno, Makoto Kino, Makoto/Ami
Prompt: —
Date Written: 12/10/2011

“I don’t see it.”

“That’s because you’re looking in the wrong place. See?” A slender finger poked at the sky not centimeters from her face. The movement was so quick that she flinched on instinct only to relax a moment later.

Honestly. Mako was always so erratic.

Blue eyes lifted, glancing through the plumes of clouds scattered across the sky. The winds were heavier today, making them sail across her line of sight.

She couldn’t see it. Looking over at Mako who was enthusiastically gracing the apparent ‘three tail seamonster’ with a smile, she couldn’t help offering up her own apologetic one.

“Forgive me, Mako. I guess I’m just not as imaginative as you.”

Blinking in surprise, the brunette let her eyes slide over to Ami. Her gaze was unwavering and for a brief moment, Ami felt that unsettling tingle before she broke out into a smile again.

“Why not?”

That caught her off guard and it was Ami’s turn to stare unblinking. “What do you mean?”

Grinning widely, Mako reached over and wrapped a firm arm around her shoulders, tossing back her head a bit with a laugh. “Come on, Ami! Even a study-worn student like yourself still has imagination! You probably just don’t see it because you’re looking for it with your own eyes.”

Even as the fantasy played out on the edge of her mind, Ami felt her logic bubbling to her lips, “Well, what else am I supposed to look at them with?”

Mako lifted a finger and tapped Ami’s temple softly, leaning in a bit. “You gotta stop using your head. Imagination should come naturally.”


“Try again! And this time, don’t try and look for a seamonster. Just….. look.”

The reflex to refuse the act so she could excuse herself from such a wasteful activity as watching clouds surfaced. However, it was almost instantly pounced back down with the logic that, well, opportunities like this didn’t come around so often.

Take life’s small charms as they come.

So with a quiet breath to calm her steadily building nerves, her eyes shifted back to the clouds and starting tracing the outlines.

“No.” Mako said suddenly and squeezed her shoulder. “You’re doing it again.”

“Doing what?” Ami glanced to the side, shifting back a bit when her nose brushed against Mako’s ear. Her face began to light up but the brunette seemed to take no notice.

“Thinking.” She replied plainly. “Stop that.”

Her voice was so serious over such a simple matter that Ami couldn’t help giggling softly. Mako leaned away, turning to give her a stubborn look. “Hey, what’s so funny?” After a brief moment, she broke into a smile. “Did you see it?”

Unable to take the potential frown that might grace her eyes, Ami beamed, giving a firm nod. Mako looked like she’d just won a prize. Pulling her arm away from her, she instead went about linking their arms together. Startling Ami with the sudden tug she gave, she stumbled a moment to catch up to her pace as she walked forward, long legs taking her an extra step that Ami just couldn’t seem to reach in time.

“I knew you could! Come on, this is a cause for celebration!” Ami opened her mouth to protest how she wasn’t quite sure what they were going to celebrate… before she closed it.

It didn’t quite matter anyway.

She hadn’t seen it.

And somehow, she was fairly certain Mako knew it too.

Maybe she was reading too much into it but….. even a girl who knew nothing but study tips could dream. After all, it wasn’t that she didn’t have an imagination.

It just hadn’t been the clouds she’d been concentrating on.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!

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