House ☆ Supernatural

Character/Pairing: John Winchester, Mary Winchester, John/Mary
Prompt: House
Date Written: 07/11/2009

“How about this one?”

“Mary, look at the price. We can’t afford it.”

“Everything is going to be expensive.”

“All the same, we just can’t right now.”

A quiet sigh. “Then what about this one?”

“Too big.”

“And this?”

“Yellow? Really?”

“Are you going to complain about every one I pick out?” She chuckled.

“I’d look myself but I’m driving. Why are you looking in the house section anyway?”

Flipping a few pages of the newspaper, Mary gave a shrug. “I’m an optimist, I like to think we could eventually afford it.”

Her partner grew quiet. She knew as well as he did that if John could, he’d have said yes to the first one she’d pointed out. He was only being realistic; a trait they both unfortunately shared.

“We’ll get there, Mary.” He spoke softly.

After a couple breaths passed, a familiar hand gave hers a gentle squeeze.

“I promise.”

“I know, John, I know …”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!

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