To Start ☆ KHR

Character/Pairing: Skull-centric
Date Written: 10/04/2011

Tears welled up in those big, purple eyes, sobs wracking his small from. Feet dangling from the dock he sat upon, Skull rubbed at his soaked cheeks, lips still quivering softly. If any indication of his distress was uttered, it was chocked back with a shaky gasp.

In the midst of his suffering, a sudden weight on his right foot caused a hitch in his breath. Quick movement pushed himself forward, wet eyes glancing down curiously.

Wrapped tightly around his heel was quite possibly the smallest octopus Skull had ever seen. Mainly red in colour, its tiny tentacles clung near desperately to whatever patch it could possibly find. From the weak pressure he could feel nudging at the sole of his shoe, he could only guess the baby creature was attempting a bite out of his running shoe.

For the split moment Skull saw the critter attached to him, he panicked. That instinctual reaction quickly passed, however, as his stare melted into curiosity and childlike-wonder. Little eyes Skull hadn’t noticed before seemed to gaze up at him with equal interest.

A calm passed with the routine sounds of the harbor.

The sobs that had been disturbing them earlier ceased.

Skull hadn’t even noticed his lack of tears.

Whatever pain had been there previously vanished with the passing breeze.

The longer he continued to watch, the more appeal the octopus gained. It was only after he broke eye contact with the creature that he started to notice the tentacles slipped from the rubber soles. He thought nothing of it at first… until one finally came loose and its movements immediately sped up.

His heart jumped.

Acting on impulse, Skull snapped his small foot up and caught it with both hands as its final tentacles gave way.

Palms up, the tiny creature flailed short limbs as it searched for something to grasp onto.

Looking around in uncertainty a moment, Skull finally reached forward and set him neatly on the top curve of his shoe. Then he lowered it cautiously.

The octopus twitched, slid and then… calmed. Little arms curled more securely around them material, becoming entangled in the shoelace. It scooted a bit closer to his ankle before finally settling with what Skull was convinced had been a noise of contentment.

Octopi made sounds, didn’t they?

The longer he stared at it, the more appeal the octopus gained and a span of a couple minutes, Skull was certain the purring creature on his running shoe was the coolest thing he had ever seen.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!

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