multi: celebrity status

02 ☆ Celebrity Status


Character/Pairing: Various
Story Summary: When 17-year old Kagami Taiga gets the gift of his dreams, he’s completely unaware that he’s about to become an intricate part of the lifestyles of the rich, the fabulous and potentially overprotective bandmates.
Inspired by a joke about the Generation of Miracles being a boyband that evolved into an actual story because why the hell not
Date Started: January 11, 2014


Future Pairings: Kagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Himuro, Kasamatsu/Kise, Midorima/Takao, Akashi/Mayuzumi, Murasakibara/Kiyoshi

Chapter 02 – Anticipation

“And that’s it! We got it! That’s a wrap, everybody! Nice work.” The director called, the music shutting off and the last of the rain from the sprinklers finally ceasing.

There was a collective sigh through out the studio but none seemed more relieved than the men currently being handed towels and hot tea in take out cups.

The director came up with a wide smile. “Excellent work again today, boys.” He turns then to glance at a man following him with a clipboard in hand and earpiece tucked neatly into his right ear. “I won’t need them again till Wednesday. They all need to be here at 7am sharp. Not a minute later. We have the sprinklers for two hours and that’s it.”

The man nods, dull grey eyes looking down to his clipboard as he makes note of it before he looks up at the group before him. “Don’t relax yet, gentlemen. You still have some jobs to do before the concert tonight.”

“Come on, Mayuzumicchi.” Kise Ryouta whined, his towel laid over his blond hair as he blew at his tea. “Can’t we take a small break? We’ve been at it for eight hours.”

“It would have been seven if you’d have been getting the tempo right.” Mayuzumi replied without so much as a blink.

Kise huffed and pouted.

“Don’t make that face at me, Kise. After four years of being your manager, I have gained resistance to your ploys.”

“It’s not a ploy!” Kise cried dramatically and turned to the small bluenette standing beside him, who was holding his tea carefully between both hands. “Kurokocchi, Mayuzumicchi is bullying me!”

“You shouldn’t be such an easy target.” He replies simply, glancing up at him from the corner of his eye before he goes to take a sip.

Not that he gets the chance to. Not a second before it reaches his lips, does a hand clap onto his shoulder and he quickly retracts the cup in fear of spilling. A large body slumps over his, weight bearing down on him enough to cause his tired knees to wobble. “Murasakibara-kun, you’re heavy.”

“Kuro-chin is so cold.” He drawls lazily, resting his chin on top of the bluenette’s head.

“Please get off of me, Murasakibara-kun.” Kuroko speaks, clearly annoyed but his voice as polite and even tempered as ever.

There was a laugh from behind them and Kuroko felt his knees wobble more when there was suddenly more weight on one of his shoulders. “Aomine-kun, you aren’t helping.”

His dark tanned fingers ruffle at Kuroko’s wet hair and he grins widely at his annoyed expression. “You’re just pissy because you’re nervous. We’re performing your song; you get your big moment on centre stage! All those thousands of fans, watching your every move, hanging on every note…”

Kuroko, in turn, looked increasingly pale as he went on.

“Aomine.” A rather strict voice called from off to the side. Midorima was busy currently drying his glasses on the towel he had been given. “Stop teasing him. It’s annoying.”

“What? He’ll do fine. It’s not like he’s never performed before.” Aomine defends, looking completely confident in the matter.

“Yes but if your immaturity causes a gap in his performance, you’ll be the one paying for it.” He replies simply, sliding his glasses back onto his face and glancing over at him to drive the point home.

Aomine rolls his eyes and looks back to Kuroko. “Tetsu will be just fine; won’t you?”

Kuroko glances up at him and watches his expression as moment before he gives a firm nod. “Yes.”

“Kurokocchi, your knees are shaking.” Kise points to the joints that were indeed still wobbling.

A collective glance down occurred before there was a stern, “Atsushi.” And their eyes were all soon dragged over to the redhead who wasn’t even looking their way. He was busy sipping at his tea, his towel around his shoulders, even as water dripped from his chin. “Stop laying on Tetsuya.”

“Aka-chin is cold too…” Murasakibara hums but finally does as told and stands.

The shaking from Kuroko’s knees ceases and he stands – about long enough before Aomine wraps an arm around his shoulders with that toothy grin of his. “Come on, Tetsu. Let’s get changed and go for lunch. I’m starving.”

“Where do you think you’re going?” Mayuzumi asked, checking his clipboard.

“What?” Aomine questions. “Neither of us have jobs this afternoon, right? So we’re going for lunch.”

“I wanna go for lunch too!” Kise grins.

Mayuzumi cuts that idea down immediately with a sharp, “No.” before elaborating. “You still have a shoot with the Viola company for their new perfume. You’re going there straight from here.” He checks his wrist watch. “You should have a car arriving in about ten minutes; gives you enough time to change. Make up and wardrobe will be done on set.”

Kise pouts but Mayuzumi gives him no time to speak before he continues. “Murasakibara and Midorima, you’ve both got a car coming in about half n hour for that variety show on the Kujikawa Network. Eat something with lots of carbohydrates and Midorima, make sure he doesn’t snack on anything before then. If he has a sugar crash on the show, I’m the one who has to hear about it.”

Midorima nods firmly and Murasakibara hums softly, looking rather displeased.

“Why are you all still standing here? Leave.” Mayuzumi spoke, his voice even but his gaze set into a scowl. It didn’t take long for any of them to disperse, light banter between them as they hurried off the set.

From the corner of his eye, he notices the remaining redhead strolling toward him. “I suppose that leaves us.” He speaks simply.

Mayuzumi turns in time to press his clipboard into Akashi’s chest. The redhead looked amused. “You’re not serious.”

“I believe I told you to stay at least an arm’s length away from me at all times.” Mayuzumi replied, trying to ignore the enticing look Akashi was attempting to give him. The movie star glamour appeal that he really should have been used to by now.

“I was going by the length of my arm.” He looked almost smug, those heterochromic eyes staring up at him.

“Don’t try and be cute.” Mayuzumi replied stubbornly. “You” He stresses, “have an interview in an hour that you need to be prepped for.”

“Then I’ve a free hour.”

“Across the city. You have about twenty minutes to get ready before I have to drive you.”

Akashi seems to perk slightly at that, a slight curve to his lips. It’s subtle but Mayuzumi has long since been able to read such subtleties. “Arm’s length.” He reminds him.

“My arm’s length.” Akashi replies.

The days that Kagami had to wait for the concert had been brutal. On top of calling Sa-chan every single night (sometimes twice) to discuss everything they possibly could about the concert, Kagami had to endure the boring routine of going to class. He was still a high school student, after all, and as much as he would have preferred to skip it entirely in favour of freaking out over the reality of meeting the love of his life, he knew such an opportunity would be snatched from him if his parents found out.

Instead, he marked off days on his calendar. He stared at the little calendar on his phone screen at least five times a day, like somehow, that would make the days go by faster. He listened to nothing but Generation of Miracles on his headphones to make sure he had all the lyrics down. There was no way that he didn’t have them all memorized by now but when the concert came up, he wanted to make sure his memory was perfect. Even when he went to basketball practice after school, he found himself humming their songs as he stretched and warmed up.

Not that such a thought was present once he actually stepped out onto the court; after all, Generation of Miracles was only one of his passions but that’s another story.

So when the day finally was upon him, he couldn’t sleep. He laid awake the entire time, watching the clock on his phone count away painful minutes and a thrill unlike anything he’d felt before shot through him when the date finally changed over.

He was going to see Tetsu. He was finally going to see Tetsu.

He had never thought something like this was possible. He had truly started to chalk up all this obsession and romantic fantasy to just teenage hormones. Who wouldn’t? Everybody always talked about how celebrities were just sort of fads for fans; that they died off when a new, hotter one suddenly emerged.

But…. glancing around the darkness of his room, laying a hand on Nigou’s back and petting him softly, he just…. he just couldn’t chalk this up to being just a fan. Hell, he was a huge fan of Daiki still. He kept up with everything that he did; every photo shoot, every new product, every interview, no matter how obscure – he knew what it felt like to be an obsessed fan. He knew exactly what it meant to hoard anything you could about a favourite celebrity.

…. But with Tetsu? Tetsu was…. different. It was quieter. Less hungry. Peaceful, even. When he thought of him, his stomach got all tied up in knots. When he fantasied about what it would be like to run his fingers through his hair, his heart raced and he could feel his face warming with a dark blush. He thought about what it’d be like to stroke his cheek, to touch those lips, to steal a kiss….

He wanted it. He wanted it so badly that it ached.

But such were the thoughts of a boy in love in the late hours of night and when the sun was peeking through his windows, he realized he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all.

From there, it was a mess of activity. Kagami packed and repacked his bag of things that he wanted to get signed several dozen times and changed outfits about half as much. Even when Himuro arrived to pick him up, the man gave Kagami a once over, sighed loudly and proceeded to help his panicking younger brother find a decent combination.

Soon, Kagami was shoved into the car, blasting music on the car radio so Himuro could get familiar with all the singers and lyrics and couldn’t seem to find the right balance between playing it cool and freaking out. Himuro seemed to indulge him, however, which he was thankful for since it wasn’t like he wasn’t painfully aware of how embarrassing he was.

Regardless, at long last, they finally found parking after their road trip before the stadium. Even outside, the lights were bright and the moment Kagami stepped out of the car, he could hear the loud chatter and screaming of the waves of girls hurrying to get to their seats inside.

Kagami was swept up in the energy almost immediately. Just on the other side of those doors, he’d get to see Generation of Miracles perform…. get to see Tetsu perform….

“So,” Himuro interrupted his thoughts as he rounded the car. “Where are we supposed to meet up with your friend?”

“Oh!” Kagami dug into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He noted the dozen or so emails from a familiar number and grinned to himself. He dialed it quickly and held the phone up to his ear. “….. Sa-chan? Are you her–? Eh? By the entrance? But the line up is huge! Did you–? Okay, okay, we’re coming!”

He snapped his phone shut quickly before he gestures for Himuro to follow before he breaks out into a run.

“Ah, Taiga! Wait a minute! Where are we going?!” Himuro called, chasing after him.

“Sa-chan saved us a spot in line and she’s up near the front already! We have to hurry!” Kagami called back, not wanting to waste any time as he ran to the front of the line.

His eyes scanned the line, looking for a familiar face but it seemed she spotted him before he did.

“Taiiiiiiiiii-chaaaaaaaan!! Over here!! Hurry!!”

Kagami’s expression light up, jogging over to her and the moment he gets there, he’s pounced on. A flash of pink and gold is spun around in his arms, hardly mindful to the other fans around them. When he finally sets her down, she’s still bouncing on her red heels and beaming up at Kagami with stars in her eyes.

“You had me worried! I thought I was going to get to the front of the line and you’d be late!” Momoi Satsuki smacked at his arm and he only laughed in response, a happy blush on his face.

“Sorry, we came as fast as we could. It’s not my fault you live closer.” He retorts.

She only waves a hand at him and then stares up, putting her hand over her eyes like she’s trying to block out the sun and grins. “Wow, Tai-chan. You’re so much taller in person. You look much smaller on camera.”

“That’s because I’m always sitting. I’m a basketball player – what did you expect?” He reaches out and measures a hand from himself to the top of her head. “Hmm.. you’re about the height I expected though.”

“That’s not what I want to hear! Do you see the height of these heels?!” She points down to her foot.

Kagami looks her over and grins. “Wow, Sa-chan, you really went all out.”

She takes a couple steps back and poses to give him a full and proper view, placing her arm behind her head and trying to look natural. To match her stylish red heels is a form fitting blouse that hugs her form but falls naturally around her breasts, obviously featuring them front and centre. Hugging her hips is a golden mini skirt, flowing around her thighs. Her hair is tied back in a long pink braid which she’s draped over her shoulder and tied off with a simple red ribbon. Her jewellery is all gold as well, from the hoops in her ears to the chain around her neck and the bangles upon her wrist. “I know, it’s fabulous. I bought it all for the concert so you are seeing a one of a kind Momoi Satsuki special. I made the shirt, though. I already had the skirt.”

“You made that?” Kagami questions and gives a low whistle. “Trying to show off, are we?”

“Feminine advantage.” She replies, resting a hand upon her chest for a moment. “I thought I’d give Tetsu something to look at.”

Kagami smirks at that and waves a hand at her. “Sorry, Sa-chan. You’re not the only one pulling out all the stops for Tetsu. Why do you think I’m all dressed up too?” True to his words, kagami was dressed to impress. Black dress pants and shoes adorned his feet. A white dress shirt fit his torso in such a way that it’s clear the shirt was tailored for him; it helped to give hint to the build underneath.  A black vest completed the look, fitted and buttoned perfectly around his torso.

Momoi grins at that and reaches over, tugging at his satin red tie. “I’m surprise, actually. I’ve never seen you in anything other than sweats or a t-shirt. I can’t believe you own a tie.”

“He doesn’t.” Himuro finally pipes up, assuming that if he didn’t, they’d forget he was there. “It’s mine.” He extends a hand to Momoi with a charming smile. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Momoi-chan. I’m Himuro Tatsuya.”

“Oh!” She grins, letting go of his tie in favour of shaking Himuro’s hand. “Oh my, so handsome too~ Tai-chan, why didn’t you tell me your brother was so handsome?”

“Why would I tell you something like that?” Kagami rolls his eyes but gestures to him all the same. “Make sure you give him plenty of thanks. He’s the one who bought us the tickets.”

“Ohhhh, Nii-san!” Momoi shouts and latches onto his arm, snuggling it into her chest. Himuro looked a little off guard but he laughed all the same. “You’re the best human being in the entire world.”

“I have actually heard that before.” He smiles softly. “You’re welcome, Momoi-chan.”

She sighs happily, stars in her eyes. “Are you excited to meet the hottest group of the year, Nii-san?”

“I’m afraid the only thing I’ve heard about them is what Taiga played on the way over.” Himuro smiles in response.

Momoi gasps playfully but lets go of his arm in favour of waving her hand at him. “Don’t worry, Nii-san. You’ll be in love with them by the end of the concert. Guaranteed.”

“We’ll see.” Himuro replies simply.

“Oh!! Oh! Tai-chan!” Momoi grins and shifts back over to the red head. She waves down to her neck, tilting her head the other way. “Smell.”

Kagami blinked, passing Himuro a side glance before bending down slightly to lightly sniff the nape of her neck. He perked and pulled back with a smile. “Oh! Is that the new Viola perfume Ki-chan has been promoting?”

“It is! And it’s the limited edition one too!”

“The one with the gold seal instead of silver?”

“Yes! I had to pay an extra 2500 yen for it but it was totally worth it!”

Himuro watched from behind them as the two continued to rant and rave in what felt like a foreign language to him. All the same, it was cute to watch. It was clear that they enjoyed each other’s company and you’d never guess from their chemistry that this was their first time meeting in person. The open, happy look across his brother’s face sealed it for him.

He wondered what kind of person this Tetsu was…

“Ah! We’re next! Tatsuya, do you have the tickets?” Kagami questioned, looking back at him.

Himuro blinked and reached into his jacket pocket before handing over the envelope. “Here.”

The red head plucked it from his fingers and handed out the tickets.

Momoi clutched hers in her hands, eyes shining. “Are you ready for the best night of your life, Tai-chan?”

Kagami held up his platinum ticket with a smirk. “You have no idea.”

TO BE CONTINUED ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!

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