Unclever Tactics ☆ Kuroko no Basket

Series/Pairing: Kuroko no Basket Kasamatsu Yukio/Kise Ryouta
Prompt: it would be cute if Kasamatsu went to one of Kise’s modeling shoots because I picture him being kinda against it, I guess?
Date Written: 08/01/2014

Kasamatsu still wasn’t entirely sure how he had let Kise convince him to show up here. The set was crowded and hot and even though Kasamatsu was wearing only t-shirt and shorts, it felt unbearable. There were too many people and it seemed like no matter where he tried to position himself, he was in someone’s way.

Kise had been bugging him for months to come to one of his photo shoots. Kasamatsu had always refused to go, not wanting to get swept up in Kise’s ego trip, but as time wore on, it seemed to become increasingly more important to Kise that he come. Honestly, Kasamatsu didn’t see why since if he was fishing for compliments, he had a sea of fangirls and classmates to take from. Yet somehow it was always ‘it has to be Senpai!’ and somehow a highly displeased Kasamatsu got suckered into coming to his kouhai’s model photo shoot.

He stood there with his arms crossed as flash after flash illuminated the room. He watched as Kise posed in front of the camera, striking positions with ease that the cameraman seemed to absolutely love.

Kasamatsu didn’t see how Kise could stand it. All that flashing would have annoyed him.

Still, as the clock ticked away and he watched Kise change outfits several times and take what could only have been hundreds of pictures, it was easy to see that it was something he enjoyed. He smiled wide, his eyes seemed to sparkle and he looked… happy. True, he had to smile for the camera regardless but Kasamatsu had been around him enough to know when the boy was genuinely enjoying himself.

When at long last, he was granted a break, he made a beeline straight for Kasamatsu and the captain could practically see a tail wagging.

“Senpai, you came!” He grinned widely, holding his water bottle between both hands and beaming. Kasamatsu found himself wondering how his face wasn’t too sore to smile.

He shrugged in response, letting one hand fall to his side while the other rested on his hip. “I figured it was about time. You’ve been getting really annoying about it lately.”

Kise faked a sob. “Senpai, you’re so mean.”

Kasamatsu rolled his eyes. “Stop that. Don’t use that act around me. I’ll hit you.”

Blinking, Kise scratched at his chin with a quiet smile. “Senpai is always so perceptive. Ah! But what did you think of the shoot? I looked pretty cool, right?”

“I’m not going to inflate your ego, moron.” Kasamatsu replied, looking away.

Kise frowned softly, pouting. He supposed to it would have been a bit much to have him agree but he was still hoping for some sort of comment. His ulterior motive for asking him here had inflated him with hope. He thought maybe if Kasamatsu saw him being all cool and mature, he’d maybe fall—

“But I suppose you did show some dedication. It’s good to see you putting your heart into something.” He added and then finally looked back up at the blond. He gave him a quiet smile. “Good job.”

Kise felt cupid’s arrow shoot right through his chest and the blush that exploded on his face was undeniable, even under all that makeup. He reached his arms out, going in for an embrace due to his happiness, only to have Kasamatsu grab at his face with his hand.

“But the next time you ask me to waste three hours of my time on something this stupid, I will kill you.” He squeezes his face in annoyance and Kise whines. “Am I making myself perfectly clear?”

“Y-Yes!” Kise stutters. “Not the face, senpai, not the face!”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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