Stubborn ☆ Kuroko no Basket

Series/Pairing: Kuroko no Basket Kagami Taiga/Kuroko Tetsuya
Prompt: Kagami teasing Kuroko cause he cant reach something and them being idiots and eventually Kagami picks him up and holds him up so he can reach it Its cute, honest *hangs head in shame*
Date Written: 28/02/2014

“Why don’t you just get a stool?” Kagami questions, eyes flicking up at he leans against the door frame. He’s been silently watching Kuroko try and reach the popcorn bowl for about two minutes and the man has pretty much tried everything apart from the stool or climbing onto the cupboard.

The bluenette flinches, glancing back out of the corner of his eye before stubbornly looking back to the cupboard. “I do not need one.”

“The previews are almost over, you know. The movie is about to start. Do you want me to just pause it?” Kagami questions, leaning back to peak at the TV from behind his cupboards.

“No.” Kuroko replies, attempting again on his tippy toes to reach the bowl. “Isn’t this supposed to be in the bottom cupboard?”

“Big items go up top; it saves space.” Kagami watches in amusement before moving over.

He goes to reach over to Kuroko, fitting his hands at his sides in motion to simply lift him, only to get an elbow in the gut. The red head flinches, his arms dropping and he sinks against Kuroko’s back as he places a hand to his abs. “O-Oww, what was that for?!”

“Please don’t patronise me.” He says simply. Kuroko then opens one of the lower cupboards. He plants his foot onto one of the shelves and heaves himself up. The difference makes grabbing the bowl simple then and when he descends, he smacks the bowl into Kagami’s chest. “Bottom cupboard.” He adds, face as neutral as always before he goes to fetch the popcorn from the stove top.

Kagami rubs his sore muscles, chuckling softly as he sets the bowl on the counter top. “Right. Bottom cupboard.”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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