one sentence challenge

One Sentence Challenge ☆ KnB

What is the One Sentence Challenge? It is exactly as it sounds – it is a challenge to write a one sentence story based off a single prompt. I tend to do these when I want to challenge myself into things like crack pairings, new fandoms or simply to inspire me to write more.

This page will contain all the OSCs that I have done (now and in the future) for Kuroko no Basket. Newest will be at the top of the page.

Last Updated: December 16, 2013

Young [Aomine/Himuro]

Fingering the necklace that never left his neck, Aomine drew Himuro down with a smirk and a kiss; a promise all his own.

Cool [Aomine/Himuro]

Face pressed in front of the air conditioner, Himuro shoved a foot into Aomine’s stomach when he felt the others fingers trailing up his thigh, “Don’t even think about it.”

Motion [Aomine/Himuro]

“You’re returning that.” Himuro gave Aomine a raised eyebrow and an amused look the day he was supposed to pull up with their new car but instead pulled into the driveway with a flashy new motorcycle.

Laugh [Hanamiya/Kuroko]

There was a moment, at the right angle and under the right light, where Hanamiya had chuckled venomously and gazed at him through the corner of his eye that caused a pleasant chill to shoot down Kuroko’s spine.

World [Alex/Himuro]

“Go see the world, Tatsuya,” Alex smiled, placing the softest kiss Himuro had ever received from her to his upper cheek and his ears couldn’t help turning a little pink, “and don’t come back until you have stories to tell.”

Farewells [Murasakibara/Kiyoshi]

Kiyoshi had chuckled low at Murasakibara handing him a single box of pocky when the train pulled up to take him off to university, “Well, this wasn’t entirely what I meant by ‘something sweet to see me off’ but I’ll take it.”

Sacred [Kuroko/Himuro]

It hadn’t been intentional – just an accidental moment where Himuro had been getting up from the couch when Kuroko had leaned over the back of it to grab some popcorn – when they’d kissed for the first time but Himuro could remember very clearly how Kuroko had lingered a few seconds longer than an ‘accident’ would have called for.

Dance [Kiyoshi/Kagami]

“It’s alright, guys.” Kiyoshi grins, giving the rest of the team a smile as they slip onto the dance floor and Kiyoshi subtly slips his hand into a flustered Kagami’s back pocket without their notice. “He can sit this song out with me and my bad knee.”

Forgotten [Kiyoshi/Riko]

It had been impossible for Kiyoshi to chock back the tears of agony when Riko had woken up from her accident and with a smile that should have given Kiyoshi relief, she’d asked him, “Are you my doctor?”

Fall [Murasakibara/Kagami]

When Kagami had pointed to his own freshly split lip outside of the pub they’d just been kicked out of and drunkenly told Murasakibara he didn’t need a doctor if he’d kiss it better, he hadn’t suspected for a single moment to have his back pressed up against the brick wall.

Ice [Takao/Izuki]

“Really, Shun?” Takao grinned against his lips, hands coming up to cup Izuki’s jaw with a chuckle. “Have an ‘ice day?”

Mask [Momoi/fem!Akashi]

Momoi smiled softly as Akashi’s lips pressed a kiss behind her ear, feeling her comparatively smaller chest pressed to her back and she couldn’t help being thankful for these brief moments of sincerity Akashi rarely graced her with.

Fire [Imayoshi/Momoi]

Imayoshi always had a taste for things with a clever edge so when Momoi had tilted her chin up to give him that taunting little smile after issuing the dare, it had been impossible not to take her up on it.

Journey [Imayoshi/Aomine]

“I am not riding bitch.” Aomine scowled, holding the second helmet in hand as Imayoshi simply gave him a smirk in reply, flipped his visor down and revved the motorcycle’s engine in a wordless ‘get on or walk’.

Silence [Riko/Kuroko]

Wrapping an arm softly around Riko’s head, Kuroko pulled her shaking frame into his shoulder and rested his nose softly into her hair, “Don’t cry, Coach. We told you we’d win.”

Candle [Midorima/Momoi]

Midorima adjusted his glasses before picking up the wine glass with graceful fingers and taking a long sip to try and ignore the way the flickering candle on their table seemed to make every aspect of Momoi shimmer.

Dream [Kise/Kuroko]

It had left an empty taste in Kise’s mouth the day he woke up, absolutely sure that it was Kuroko hovering above him with hands in his hair and lips next to his, only to wake to the ghost of nothing but the glare of the sunlight through the curtains and the screaming of his alarm clock.

Promise [Akashi/Murasakibara]

Murasakibara had given Akashi that familiar lazy smile when the boy had crawled into his lap on their last day in Teikou and returned the kiss in happy compliance when Akashi had firmly told him he was not allowed to forget about him.

Music [Kiyoshi/Kuroko]

“Here.” Kiyoshi grinned widely, slipping one of his earbuds into the ear of a confused Kuroko as the team bus rolled through the country side. “Music always helps relax me before a big game.”

View [Akashi/Aomine]

There had been something calm about the sight before Akashi’s eyes, of Aomine standing with hands in his pockets and grinning widely under a streetlight after speaking words Akashi never expected to hear from him.

Temptation [Kagami/Momoi]

As much as Momoi tried to get him to admit it, Kagami could never quite say just how much that little black dress she wore on their first date had set a pleasant fire in the pit of his stomach.

Midnight [Akashi/Kuroko]

The first time Akashi had kissed him was when the clock struck midnight to ring in the new year and it had been so quick and so brief that when Kuroko turned to stare at him, Akashi only gave him a hidden smirk and said nothing in explanation on the matter.

Drink [Kuroko/Momoi]

A warm drink can was placed into Kuroko’s hands as he was attempting to warm them and when he glanced up, he was surprised to see that it was Momoi offering it to him with a sweet smile and a “just returning the favour”.

Red [Aomine/Midorima]

“Don’t look so smug, Aomine.” Midorima scoffs him as he finishes up the final stitch of his knife wound, stabbing the needle in a little too roughly in his annoyance. “If you show up at my hospital anymore this month, I’m going to start charging you triple.”

Cold [Aomine/Himuro] – [x]

“Daiki, your hands are freezing!” Himuro protests behind his scarf as a grinning Aomine busies himself with burying his hands and arms inside Himuro’s now open winter coat.

Wings [Akashi/Midorima] – [x]

Midorima couldn’t ever pinpoint the exact moment that Akashi had started falling from grace but there was always a small part of him that regretted not being able to stop him.

Hurricane [Aomine/Kuroko]

It was a surprise to no one that Aomine was a force to be reckoned with but Kuroko was sure he had never known it more clearly than the day he watched Aomine – grinning madly – on the news, retelling his story about how he’d made the arrest that saved that little boy’s life.

Run [Momoi/Riko]

Riko wasn’t entirely sure when it started but watching Momoi jog on the treadmill – hair tied up in a messy bun and clad in sweats that nestled perfectly on her hips – had become somewhat of a turn on for her.

Box [Kiyoshi/Hyuuga]

“It’s… empty.” Hyuuga stated, turning the gift box upside down and shaking it, only to look over at a slowly paling Kiyoshi as he attempted to laugh off the fact that he had forgotten to actually put Hyuuga’s Christmas present in the box before wrapping it.

Memory [Kagami/Kuroko]

It’d been ten years since the day Kagami didn’t come home from work but Kuroko never missed a morning greet when he passed by the small alter to his memory.

Hero [Midorima/Takao]

Being a logical person, Takao was always unsure about the idea of heroes but on the day he woke up from surgery after the accident and emerald haired doctor shining a penlight in his eye told him he was going to be okay, he was starting to think he should reconsider.

Ring [Kasamatsu/Kise]

“No.” Kasamatsu said in greeting when his cellphone started to sing out the tune Kise had personally chosen for himself. “I don’t know what you want at 11pm but the answer is no.”

The following are NSFW (not safe for work)

Fever [Haizaki/Kise]

“Come on, Ry~ou~ta~,” Haizaki sneered wickedly into Kise’s ear, one hand thrusting thick fingers deep into his ass while his other fingers are inside the blond’s mouth to ensure it stays open as he whines and claws at the shower wall, “Admit you want me and I’ll let you come; probably.”

Formal [Alex/Riko]

Alex slid her hands up Riko’s thighs as she slowly knelt down to the floor and pushed the hem of her gown up in a tauntingly slow manner, “Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring at my ass all night~”

Body [Aomine/Kise]

It had taken about five minutes for Kise to go from admiring the way Aomine’s neck curved into the collar of his crisp suit to ending up shoved against a bathroom stall door, being slammed so hard into from behind that the lock creaked in protest with each snap of Aomine’s hips.

Strength [Akashi/Kagami]

“I said,” Akashi starts, his fingers knotted painfully into Kagami’s hair as he pushes the man down toward his awaiting cock with surprising force, “kneel.”

Talent [Kise/Kagami]

As Kagami’s hands slammed against the headboard, his body rigged with release and final moan slipping past his lips louder than intended, he found himself reluctantly admitting the only clear thought running through his mind: Kise definitely knew how to use those hips.

Cover [Alex/Aomine]

Alex’ body curled against him, her bare breasts pressing very purposefully into Aomine’s face as his fingers continued to thrust smoothly into her, frustrated at the clause she’d given him of not being able to remove a single piece of his own clothing.

Silk [Ogiwara/Kuroko]

There had been a smile on Ogiwara’s flushed face when he’d reached up to pull Kuroko down for a simple kiss but when Kuroko rolled his hips once again, causing Ogiwara’s back to slide against that soft fabric, he was too distracted trying to remember how to breath to actually connect their lips.


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