Easy ☆ Kuroko no Basket

Series/Pairing: Kuroko no Basket Kagami Taiga/Momoi Satsuki
Prompt: A quick drabble about the domesticity of their relationship.
Date Written: 27/01/2014

The one thing you’ve always noticed is just how soft they are.

You. Yes, you with the eyebrows.

You’ve noticed it.

Everything about her. From the gentle spread of her pink eyelashes when you lean over the back of the couch to steal a kiss to the skin of the toes she decides to press against your calves when they’re freezing. You know it in the way she lights up when she sees something cute when you’re shopping together and in the way she isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves to help with the yard work. You see it in the way she brushes her long hair behind her ear when she’s busy working and even in the gentle curve of her ear when she tucks her pen behind it with her satisfactory smile.

And you? Yes, you with the pink eyes.

You see it in the way he gives you that lazy smile when he first opens his crimson eyes in the morning and the way he no longer protests when you steal food off his plate at restaurants. You feel it in the way his large hands rest against your hips when he kisses you goodbye before heading off to work at that ungodly hour that you wouldn’t be up at if it wasn’t for him. You know it in the way he completely focuses when he’s cooking, how he complains if you linger in the kitchen during and how he hums to himself when he does the dishes afterward.

You’ve both noticed it.

And isn’t that perfect just how it is? It was never complicated, was it? Just a matter of being and that was all it took. Sure, you have your moments, just like any married couple and sometime he sleeps on the couch while you’re busy punching pillows in the bedroom but it’s only little spats. Things easily fixed the next morning with a cup of coffee and a fresh kiss good morning.

What matters is that you’re happy. That were happy when you started dating. That you were happy the day you tied the knot. That you were happy when you celebrated your tenth year anniversary… then your twentieth….. then your fortieth. That you were happy still the day you looked at each other and truly saw how old you’d become.

And that you’re happy still, sitting in his lap on the porch of your house, trying to count the stars between the clouds overhead while you can still tuck your head perfectly under his chin and he finds that you still fit perfectly against his chest.

You find that they’re still as soft as always.

Even at age 70.

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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