drabbles for inspiration

Drabbles for Inspiration ☆ 004

DnA - Seidou-001Series/Pairing: Daiya no Ace – Miyuki Kazuya/Furuya Satoru
Prompt: genderbend, blanket
Date Written: 06/03/2014

Tucking her head up under Miyuki’s chin, Furuya curled her arms around her upperclassmen and buried her face into Miyuki’s exposed chest. Grabbing the edges of the blanket, Miyuki wrapped the blanket around her and chuckled. “Furuya, your face is freezing.”

She didn’t give an answer though, simply cuddling closer and breathing a tired sigh against her skin. Miyuki only smiled, amusement written on her face but finally buried her nose into Furuya’s soft black hair and lulled finally into sleep.

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