drabbles for inspiration

Drabbles for Inspiration ☆ 003

DnA - Seidou-001Series/Pairing: Daiya no Ace – Miyuki Kazuya/Chirs Yuu Takigawa
Prompt: genderbend, rain
Date Written: 25/03/2014

Pressing her fingers through Miyuki’s hair, knocking off the drenched baseball cap in the process, Chris bent down to claim a firm kiss.

Even as the rain soaked through her sweater, Miyuki only found herself responding in kind. Her fingers came up to tug at her collar, ensuring Chris and her lips stayed in place.

It wasn’t every day that Miyuki got to see this forceful response from her girlfriend; and all this over a little friendly teasing about how Chris didn’t kiss her enough. As Chris pressed her up against the back of the dug out shelter, she made a mental note to consider teasing Chris about such things more often~

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