Merry Christmas ☆ Daiya no Ace

DnA - Seidou-001Fandom: Daiya no Ace
Sawamura Eijun/Kominato Haruichi, Furuya Satoru/Kominato Haruichi and Kuramochi Youichi/Kominato Ryousuke/Kominato Haruichi
Three Christmas drabbles of Haruichi love for my dearest skyfireflies; I hope this helps brighten your day a little! I’m sorry if it posts weird since I’m posting from my phone. Merry Christmas, love.
fluff, incest and a polyamorous ship
Date Written:

“Oi, Harucchi!!”

As it was often with Sawamura Eijun, he could be heard before you even saw him. Haruichi’s steps skipped in surprise, digging his heel into the ground as he turned. Through the breaks in his bangs, he could see the overly excited pitcher waving his hand in the air; like somehow, Haruichi could possibly miss him.

He smiled. “Eijun-kun.” Raising one hand, the other clutching a small bag to his chest, he gives a wave in return. He lowers his hand to absently adjust the scarf tugged around his neck when suddenly Eijun’s foot catches what must have been a patch of ice and proceeds to have a near theatrical tumble into the snow.

Startling, Haru’s eyes go wide and he hurries over with an alarmed, “Eijun-kun!!”

Dropping to his knees, he sets the gift bag aside and promptly reaches for his boyfriend’s shoulder – but stops short when he hear a muffled laugh. Slowly and with a groan, the form shifts, shoulders curling and raising as he sits up. There is snow covering his face, tucked away in the collar of his jacket and already dripping from his chin.

Eijun’s smile is radiant as ever and even when his nose starts to drip blood, his attention remains on Haru. “Merry Christmas, Harucchi!”

A slight panic runs through Haru at the sight of the blood and he quickly removes his gloves to start digging around in his pockets. “Eijun-kun, you’re bleeding!”

“Am I?” Eijun blinks, reaching up to touch his nose and when the mitten is pulled away to reveal red, he shouts. “Ah!! I’m bleeding!!”

Haru pulls items out of his jacket pocket and finally finds a crumpled up napkin from a fast food place. Folding it quickly, he reaches it over and holds it over his nose, pinching at it and gives a sigh.

A coy smile creeps onto his lips as Eijun reaches up to take over the task.

“Merry Christmas, Eijun-kun.” Haru greets softly.

The response he gets is another one of his million watt smiles, one that is covered by his hand but peaks through by the way the edges of his mouth tug at the line of his jaw.

Honestly, what was he going to do with him?

“What’s this?” Blinking, Haru reaches for the thin box that Furuya hands to him wordlessly.

It’s nothing spectacular, a parcel package paper wrapped box that couldn’t have been much bigger than a box toothpaste comes in. As it’s placed into his hands, it’s so light that Haru looks a bit confused behind the safety of his bangs.

“Open it.” Furuya replies quietly, an eager sort of look on his neutral expression. It’s in the slight pink that settles on his cheeks. It’s in the way he can’t keep his eyes off the little Christmas gift. How his response isn’t anything but his usual direct speech.

Not seeing any reason to protest, Haru takes care on ripping the paper away and letting it fall to the ground. He’ll pick it up later. The box under the paper isn’t flashy either but as he lifts the lid to peak inside, the lack of weight suddenly becomes clear.

Haru’s cheeks warm.

Furuya shifts on his feet nervously.

“It’s mistletoe.” He finally speaks, lifting up the single branch. “Wait, is this real?”

A single nod is Furuya’s response. “Senpai said it’s special; that I should give it to you.”

“Senpai?” Haru questions, head tilting but notes how Furuya gets tight lipped. Ah. A smile finds it’s way onto his face.

So he’d asked one of their senpai what to get him? Furuya must have had trouble thinking of a Christmas gift…

“Well, you know, you’re usually supposed to hang mistletoe…” Haru replies, looking up at the ceiling and then back to Furuya with an increasing flush.

“I didn’t want to.” He replies, shaking his head. A sort of endearing seriousness crosses his expression. “I didn’t want anybody else to walk under it.”

“O-Oh.” Haru stutters lamely, not having expected that sort of response. The thought makes his stomach warm.

A silence falls between them, a nervous energy as neither can seem to find the appropriate words. Hearts skip beats. Breathing gets a little difficult.

Finally, Furuya opens his mouth – only to lose the words as Haru moves.

Lifting the branch up, the mistletoe soon hangs from his fingers above his head. The colour of his face burns a bright red and if it wasn’t for the cover of his bangs, it would be apparent how tightly shut he was closing his eyes.

There is another moment of silence; of hesitation.

Then Furuya ducks down, his own blush increasing as he places a soft, slow peck to his lips. He lingers there, even as he pulls away, gaze flicking up to catch a glimpse of Haru’s eyes behind his hair. A soft pink eye peaks open slowly, returning the loving stare.

“… Merry Christmas, Haruichi-kun.”

“Haruuuuuu. Hurry up, the special is starting!!”

Grabbing the bowl of popcorn off the counter, Haruichi makes his way into the living room where Kuramochi sat dead centre, cross legged and grinning. Upon seeing the return of his boyfriend, he pats the bit of couch visible between his legs. “Come on! Sit!”

Haru smiles, shifting over and soon coming to sit between his legs, resting back against Kuramochi’s awaiting chest and giggling as the man wraps his arms around him and rests his chin on his shoulder. He nuzzles into his neck, placing a couple kisses along the skin he finds there.

“Kuramochi-kun, you’re supposed to be watching the movie. You’re the one that’s never seen it.”

“Youichi.” He corrects against his skin. “We’ve been dating for over six months. It’s Youichi.”

Haru turns a bit pink. “Sorry, Youichi-kun.”

“No.” He grumbles, shifting to speak into his ear. “Yo-u-i-chi.”

He feels each syllable shiver down his spine, his ear tingling from having Kuramochi’s lips brush against sensitive skin.

“Come on, Ryousuke gets a special title. Can’t you at least call me by my first name?” He adds.

Haru opens his mouth to respond when suddenly the voice that replies doesn’t belong to him.

“Well, he’s not about to call me Kominato.”

The two turn to look behind them where Ryousuke stands with his hand on his hip.

Haru brightens immediately. “Aniki!”

Kuramochi looks surprised. “Wait, weren’t you supposed to be pulling a double shift?”

“I got it covered. What’s this; trying to have a date when I’m not home?”

“Youichi-kun hasn’t seen this Christmas special before.” Haru replies, pointing to the TV.

Ryousuke looks up at the TV, watching a moment before a smirk pulls onto his face. His gaze flicks down to Kuramochi, who pointedly looks away. “Oh, really? Did he tell you that?”

“You know what? Shut up. You two always have dates when I’m at work.” Kuramochi protests, huffing.

“That’s because I’m the oldest.” He replies absently.

“What? That doesn’t make any sen-!” Kuramochi starts but Ryousuke reaches a hand up to plant over his mouth with a smug look. Before he can try to break free of the hold, Ryousuke leans down and reaches over for Haru. His fingers are gentle as he tips Haru’s chin up and steals a soft kiss from his otouto. Haru flushes happily, returning it softly until Ryousuke pulls away.

“Welcome home, Aniki.” He responds softly.

“Merry Christmas, Haruichi.” He responds in kind before pulling back to finally release his hand from Kuramochi.

“Oi, where’s mine, jerk?” He huffs and Ryousuke turns his hand to tip Kuramochi’s head back by his chin. Bending over the back of the couch, he smirks down at him.

“Remind me why we love you; you’re such an idiot.” He responds before bending down to place his next kiss against his lips.

Haru watches the two of them, giggling softly. “Are you going to come watch with us, Aniki?”

Ryousuke pulls back and places a hand on the back before hopping over. He slumps against Kuramochi and reaches an arm over, tugging Haru so that he’s nestled more neatly between them. Haru shifts, resting comfortably between their shoulders as Kuramochi places a kiss behind his ear and Ryousuke reaches an arm to wrap around Haru’s waist.

“Pass the popcorn.”

FIN ★ ☆ ★ Constructive critique always welcome!


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